Ireland: 91% Vaccinated. Highest Hospital Covid Cases in 7 Months. Colorado Hits 80% Vaccine Rate With Hospitals STILL in Covid Crisis…

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Ireland, the most vaccinated nation in the European Union with a 91% vaccination rate, now has the highest number of covid patients in hospitals in seven months

Since the pandemic began over 18 months ago, health experts have repeatedly said that we will achieve herd immunity when about 70% of the population is immune to SARS-CoV-2, either through vaccination or natural immunity by having Covid-19.

Unfortunately after ten months of mass vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 and nearly 7 billion doses administered worldwide, the unprecedented campaign to get everyone vaccinated has not eradicated the deadly virus. The situation is even worse in Ireland, the most vaccinated nation in the European Union.

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Now according to a report from the Irish Times, the number of patients in Irish hospitals with the disease reaches the highest level in seven months, despite over 91% of the population over-12 being vaccinated, the highest vaccination rate in the EU. The Irish Times stated that the number of Covid-positive patients in hospitals now stands at 513, figures not seen since March. The Times added that 101 of the 513 are in ICU this week – an increase from the 74 seen last week.

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Colorado Hits 80% Vaccine Rate With Hospitals STILL in Covid Crisis…

(Bloomberg) — Eighty percent of Colorado residents have received at least one Covid-19 vaccination, Governor Jared Polis announced Monday, while warning surging infections among the unvaccinated are bringing the state closer to rationing hospital care “in the next few days.” “It’s the 20% who haven’t been vaccinated that are filling up our hospital wards,” Polis said at a news briefing in Denver…

ERs swamped with seriously ill patients, although many don’t have virus…


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