IRS employees say ‘out of ink’ printers are delaying tax returns

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“The Internal Revenue Service is having a tough time processing tax returns this year, potentially delaying refunds for many Americans. Among the many challenges the agency faces: Out-of-order printers and copiers.

“IRS employees stated that the only reason they could not use many of these devices is because they are out of ink or because the waste cartridge container is full,” the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration wrote about the copiers and printers in a report released on Friday. “The contract for supplies and service of the printers ended in September 2020.”


Sixty-nine out of the 164 devices — or 42%— used by the submission processing functions were not usable as of March 30, 2021, the watchdog found.

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The report also noted that a substantial backlog from last year, a late start to the filing season, and too few staffers are contributing to the agency’s slow pace.

As of March 5, 2021, the agency issued 36 million tax refunds down, 32% from the same time last year when 52.7 million refunds were processed.”



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