IRS Sends MILLIONS Of Stimulus Payment Direct Deposits To The WRONG BANK ACCOUNTS

via silverdoctors:

Mnuchin was pretty confident at the end of the year, and I’m not kidding about the payments being nothing more than a file:

And yet, apparently, there’s trouble with the payments!

Check this out from Turbo Tax (bold added for emphasis and commentary):

The IRS recently began issuing a second round of stimulus payments to those eligible. Unfortunately, because of an IRS error, millions of payments were sent to the wrong accounts and some may not have received their stimulus payment.

We have been working tirelessly on a solution with the Treasury and the IRS. As a result, our expectation now is that within days the error will be corrected and stimulus payments will begin being deposited into the correct bank accounts. We have also re-confirmed with the IRS that they have all of the correct banking information for our customers.

We know how important these funds are for so many Americans and that everyone is anxious to get their money, now more than ever.

We will keep you updated on our efforts, and we will stay on this until you get your money.

Amazing, isn’t it?

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Entire agencies and departments of the US Federal Government are simply failing.

I mean, the Post Office has dropped the ball in so many ways over the last few months, and now the IRS is dropping the ball too.

It’s the Welfare State in all of its dysfunctional glory: The Post Office brings real stuff to people’s front doors, and the IRS gives the people the money to buy the real stuff, yet there’s a problem in the supply chain every step of the way from getting the “free money” to getting the “free stuff”.

Or am I the only person who ordered a Christmas gift online in the first week of December, and to this day, the package has yet to arrive?





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