Is anybody else starting to feel like the crazy one for still adhering to social distancing guidelines?

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by codyisthebestboi

I live in one of the top 10 most affected states and our coronavirus stats are continuing to rise. Despite this, just about everybody I know has either abandoned every social distance measure in place or was never following them to begin with. My friends, my family, my husbands family (although they were never following the policies), my coworkers and bosses, everybody I know is just out seeing one another with no protective measures in place. These are smart and sensible people that I once had a lot of trust and respect for and I have no idea why everybody is just abandoning ship and acting so selfishly.

Granted, most of the people in my life are seeing “only a couple of people” but we really should be keeping our distance with everybody who is not in our immediate households right now, just in case. Even if you don’t die from this virus, you can still face life long health complications as a result and you can still spread it to others who will die as a result.

I am perfectly okay with people seeing one another in person as long as ALL protective measures are put in place (i.e. meeting outside, staying 6+ ft away, wearing masks at all times) but that is not what’s happening with anybody I know and everybody talking about their fun weekends and meetups is really starting to frustrate me and make me feel like I’m the crazy one for continuing my quarentine. Luckily, we haven’t been receiving too much pressure from anybody to hang out yet, but I know it’s coming soon and I don’t know how to say no without it causing some issues (just to be clear, I WILL be saying no, I am just very stressed about the outcome).



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