Is Anyone Surprised By This? Anyone At All?

California Gov. Newsom failed to take promised pay cut, newspaper finds; Earlier this year, Newsom ordered state workers’ checks to be cut by 10%.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has been drawing his full monthly salary despite asking state workers in May to take a pay cut to alleviate the state’s burden in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

Though elected state officials are exempt from such pay cuts, Newsom pledged that he would voluntarily slash his salary when he asked state workers to make that same sacrifice.

But a Thursday report from the Sacramento Bee revealed that Newsom has continued drawing his full monthly salary of $17,479.

A spokesman for Newsom’s office blamed the matter on an “administrative error.”

“The Governor publicly committed to taking the same pay cut as other state workers when he introduced his budget in May and has officially asked the Controller to adjust his pay, effective July 1,” he said.  “The reductions for both July and August will be deduced for the next pay period.”

Money for the Dem governor while everyone else gets a pay cut.
Police protection for the Chicago mayor while everyone else has to fend for themselves – worse, they will be prosecuted if they defend themselves.

I don’t think the Left actually believes in all that equality shine they talk about.

WHY CALIFORNIA’S LATEST ‘SOAK THE RICH’ TAX PROPOSALS ARE LIKELY TO BACKFIRE: One big problem: Nearby states such as Nevada have no income tax at all.

In a comical yet revealing turn of affairs, New York governor Andrew Cuomo is so desperate for wealthy New Yorkers to return to his state that he has resorted to personally calling them and offering to cook for them if they come back. The governor finds himself in this situation because New York’s sky-high taxes, restrictive business environment, and abysmal COVID-19 response have prompted many successful citizens to move elsewhere. No matter how many martinis Cuomo offers to buy them, many won’t be coming back.

Governor Gavin Newsom may soon find himself in a similar situation. The California Democrat has already witnessed a mass exodus from his state in recent years, as tax-weary citizens move on to new pastures. The exodus may turn into a stampede if California lawmakers’ latest “soak the rich” legislative push is successful.

Democratic state legislators have introduced a new Assembly bill that would raise the state income tax on California’s highest earners from the current rate of 13.3 percent to 16.8 percent. This would mean that, after factoring in federal income taxes, California millionaires would face a top tax rate of 53.8 percent. The proposal would even apply this tax retroactively, applying the levies to income dating back to January 2020.

Meanwhile, progressive state legislators have introduced a wealth tax that would fall on Californians with a net worth of $30 million or more.

“[California’s] astounding level of income and wealth inequality is the best, most compelling argument in favor of Assembly Bill 1253, which would raise personal income taxes on the state’s top earners,” wrote Los Angeles Times columnist Nicholas Goldberg in defense of the proposal. “Sure, we have high taxes on the rich already — but California has enormous needs, not to mention an impending budget crisis, and the rich have deep, deep pockets.”

CALIFORNIA IN A NUTSHELL: State Hailed As Progressive Hub Of Technological Innovation Can’t Figure Out How To Keep The Lights On.



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