Is Australia’s Health Minister Dr. Chant being Bribed or just Stupid?

by Martin Armstrong

The Australian health chief Dr. Kerry Chant seems to have forgotten everything about medicine and really should be investigated but with a corrupt government, nobody investigates themselves. Chant is telling Australians they will have to wear masks forever and has now even said that Australians will never be allowed to return to normal because they will constantly need booster shots forever. All the studies have shown that masks are “useless” so are these people just being bribed by the elites to destroy society?  The MAJORITY of people in the hospitals now with COVID are vaccinated. The risk of these vaccines is that they may interfere with our natural immune system. Israel has already confirmed that natural immunity is 13 x better than these vaccines.

Unions in Australia are also suspect. As a reader points out:

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“Trade Unions are finished in Australia for selling out their members to The Great Reset globalist agenda/takeover.
I am a life member of the NSW Fire Brigades Union and I have family in the construction union CFMEU and they have in indeed as this man says done NOTHING to push back against mandatory vaccinations.”

Something just does not smell right here.


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