Disabilities During COVID And Dealing With Hospitals

My sister and I are primary caretakers of our elderly mom. She’s 89. She has been to the ER twice in the past two weeks. First time…trouble breathing. Did not allow us to be with her (she CRS) and put her in isolation until she tested negative for COVID. (She’s had COVID twice.) Kept calling us on the phone. Nurses station was unhelpful with her status. Kept in the dark.

Was there for 9 HOURS. Ran numerous tests. Found out she had an aortic aneurism. We found out about the AA but they failed to tell us she also had a UTI (which sucks in the elderly)….and sent her home w/o an Rx. Several days later…..back to the ER. AGAIN….NO ONE ALLOWED.

My sister has a disabled friend who happened to call her to check on our mom. She had a fit when she found out that one of us couldn’t be with her! Said it was illegal and goes against the ADA and TRUMPS ANY COVID protocol.

My sister read the riot act to the hospital and they backed down.

I found this video which may be helpful. Don’t be pushed around! We need to take care of our elderly and disabled! Hope this is helpful.

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God bless!

Bump to inform people.

BTW…sis was in the hospital 3 weeks ago with an asthma attack. Two nurses told he ALL of the COVID patients in hospital were vaccinated.



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