Is cancer a deliberate business? Are researchers being blackmailed or threatened to keep them from finding a cure?

by freethinker78

A headline in Fortune magazine says “Cancer drug spending hit $100 billion in 2014. Here’s why it’ll soon be much higher”. Such a figure, $100 billion, is a massive amount of money. Consider that some people kill others over $5. Imagine what some powerful people are capable of doing for $100 billion a year. Is giving people cancer deliberately to profit of them out of the question for some people? I think not. Specially if $100 billion is at stake. So I think that there is the possibility at least that people around the world, specially where chemos are sold, are being infected deliberately with cancer.

Another issue is that we hear about research efforts to find the cures for cancers. But, what if said cures consist in a single dose of a pill that will cost $20? Does that make financial sense for the pharma companies involved? Why finding a cure, specially a cheap cure, if a single person can spend $100,000 a year or more in cancer treatment medication? This is what I think is a possibility, not stating it is happening, but is a possibility that may be happening: researchers trying to find a cure are being meticulously monitored and if one of them crosses an established threshold of advancement towards finding a cure, that researcher is either blackmailed, threatened or even killed to keep it quiet.

I have no idea what are the numbers but I wonder if there have been cancer researchers who have been murdered, suicided, died in accidents, or died mysteriously. Which may not be a lot because I don’t know how many researchers are there and how many of them would advance in their research enough. I sure hope I am wrong and big pharma really is trying to find a cure for the benefit of humanity, but sadly we live in such a world where many consider money is worth a life or even ten thousand.