Is China Set To Become the Most Free Nation On the Planet?

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by Mark Angelides

Nations all over the world are freely handing over their sovereignty to Supranational groups and organizations that have one purpose in mind…The destruction of the Nation State. The European Union is the blue print and it is a process that will continue to be adopted by other nations through Free Trade agreements and Intelligence sharing. The UK is estimated to have 75% of its laws (and regulations) produced and imposed by the European Commission. And there are calls for ever closer unity.
It is argued that the EU imposes laws through a democratic process because each country has elected members (in a proportional voting system which is in many ways fairer than the traditional First Past the Post system) who vote in their country’s best interests; but this ignores the fact that the people elected can only ever vote on whether or not to adopt a specific piece of legislation, only the unelected Commission has the powers to propose a law.
There are several Global projects under way that each appear to have numerous benefits, but will each require a “very small” amount of sovereignty to be “pooled”. There is the new Silk Road trade route (OBOR), T-TIP which allows companies to sue governments for policies that effect their bottom lines, and the Paris Climate Accord that will allow other nations a veto over energy pricing and shipping.
Throughout the world, complicit governments are actively engaged in moving people from the countryside to the cities. It is taking place through regulations, price hikes, “banking collapses” and many other tools that ensure private property is becoming less and less common. This is the overarching plan of the Globalists…To have the entire population of a country based in mega cities.
In  2015, census indicated that 56% of the Chinese population were then living in urban areas, and this was considered a triumph. The Chinese government has had a long term strategy of “the three developments”. The first is where most people are involved in farming and agriculture, the second development is when most people are involved in industrialized process, and the third is when most people are involved in service industry. It was a proud moment when China announced that they were about to enter the third development. But now things have changed.
The government is now trying to move people back to the countryside, and many insiders suspect it is because the leaders have decided to not follow the Globalist march. If it is true that China is not going to continue with Globalist policies, then the likelihood of it becoming the most free nation on Earth increases greatly. It has been a long and hard journey for China and the Chinese people, and their rights and freedoms have suffered along the way. But when we compare the freedoms of so-called independent nations, it is difficult to see why we consider the Western countries more free.
In China, there are rules (many, many rules) for foreigners that need to be strictly adhered to, but the average Chinese folk require interaction with government (local or otherwise) only during certain parts of their life (births, deaths, marriages etc…). The days of Tiananmen Square are long gone; people will openly criticize those in power without fear. The regular folk are fiercely independent when it comes to their daily dealings and will suffer no outside interference (unless of course it benefits them to do so).
And if the Chinese government is not going along with a World Government agenda, by almost every metric the Chinese people will have a lot more freedoms then those in Europe and the Americas.

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13 thoughts on “Is China Set To Become the Most Free Nation On the Planet?

  1. We in the Western world overrate ourselves terribly. We look down on the Eastern world and brand ourselves superior but by what measure? Democracy, modern armament or our Central banks? We’ve bred systems that corrupt without consequences and allowed crooked politicians to systematically herd us into penury and a diseased life style.
    Truth is, there’s nothing to our so-called superiority. Our governments are gun totting disruptors and blackmailers, and our business executives ardent conmen. We’re awash in the debris of our collective folly and all we now have left to clobber the rest of humanity with, is that self destruct button, again, conceived of our collective folly, the nuclear assault.
    Today, there’s nothing we have built, made or earned that bears the brand name Superior. We’re done and dusted as leaders of any thing, as we collapse in shame others will arise and they will not be kind to us.

    • For the name Rosebud, your picture is not so Rosy, but quite truthful.
      So maybe, compared to our Decline, China is improving, but the
      improvement is much smaller when measured against a static measurement
      It is true, my Chinese Friends have much more hope than they did 20 years
      ago, but that does not mean they have it nice or easy. Would you work
      (of your own free will) 16 hours a day consistently when you are being
      payed for 8??? They do. Many of the normal workers there have a very
      painful life.

      • But … according to the statistics, those Chinese people who are working the long hours are “happier” by far than the western peoples…
        How come is that?

        • They see hope. No Joke. I have heard it in my Friend’s voices.
          This huge debt and export fired boom leaves them hoping that
          things will only get better.
          <So Eat Your Plastic Rice, and Pray your Children don't Have to.
          <So Go Home Each Day to your apartment that has 6000 Inhabitants,
          and no running water. Where there is a block of 6 toilets on the street,
          for those 6000 inhabitants, and all of them are plugged. Pray that life
          will keep getting better, and that your children wil not walk through
          human feces by the time that they are old enough to work.
          It is true, we can all complain about China and Communism – – – –
          But for those doing the complaining, what do you do to improve
          things for more than a billion people??? We have famous
          politicians like Christie from New Jersey, who can't manage a
          knife and fork. Wrap your mind around a billion plus people.
          (Englishvinal, I read your other comments on Disqus, and could
          appreciate them.) (Until next time)

      • Well, at least they have jobs, unlike here where minimum wage is circumvented by encouraging the influx of illegals, for pennies to the dollar, to deprive hard working Americans of useful livelihood and shelter.
        Nothing comes easy and sometimes a good measure of sacrifice is necessary to jump start an ailing economy. This may be why the Chinese have more hope than they did 20 years ago.
        But for government to completely abdicate its reason for being to the people and herd in illegals to replace hard working Americans, in other to overthrow statutory payments, can be nothing but economic sabotage writ large.

        • I appreciate the commentary today,
          Rational and Intelligent. Probably the hardest part of the discussion
          is its complexity and the hidden motives of the players involved.
          The Demolition of the West can never be Justified, but the sick part
          (if you will think back over this process of the last 60 years) is that
          they often let People make the choices themselves that led to this Destruction.
          Sedation was made available, but not forced upon anyone.
          Someone could excel in school but it was not demanded, (over time it was ridiculed)
          etc. etc. etc. In many cases, they let us choose our own downfall.
          (Was anyone ever TRULY ENCOURAGED to understand the real history of the last
          1000 years???) (And the Rise of the Banking Golem?)
          We complain about our Military Intervention, and CHEER when they shoot Tomahawks.
          (Something I will Never Understand.)
          Sadly, being in the West has similarities with being on the Titanic,
          With Your Ankles Wet.

    • They may be “kinder” that you now think… Russia and China.. (and even India) have demonstrated that they are more interested in corporation than in killing foreign people. Prosperity .. the lasting kind… comes from “agreements, contracts, mutual support systems”.. not subjection.

      • I’d think you meant subjugation. Most Western agreements, contracts et al come wrapped with blackmail and intimidation. You either abide by our terms or deal with a cocktail of sanctions, industrial and economic subterfuge or outright war.
        Being unkind doesn’t always imply killing people. Fiscal controls, skewed economic policies, trade imbalance and a host of other negative arrangements can and most often are imposed on the vanquished by the victor.
        You say they may be kinder, why? Because they’re more interested in corporations? Surely, you can’t fail to see that corporations are a most effective tool for enhanced subjugation and widespread takeover of national resources, welfare and commonwealth.

  2. I made close friends with Chinese Engineers out of Lang Fang.
    I was doing Translation between German to English and then
    explaining the different systems to the Chinese. A year later
    I took one of the Engineers on his return to Salzburg for a
    few days with my family. I think the world of my friends from
    China, and we sat, and they had the chance to tell me stories.
    I also saw the fear in their eyes when their Boss walked in the
    room an looked unhappy. You have never seen this in America
    or anywhere I have been in Europe.
    From what I have seen and heard, this article is just plain weird Journalism.
    Maybe I am wrong.
    (By the way, why aren’t there two pictures, one Beautiful, and one with
    poisonous smog so thick you can not see 10 meters.)

    • The comment about the two sides of China… is on point. But there was a time when workers in factories, plants and even in the fields in “America” had the same look of ‘oh crap I hope I’m not in trouble’ when the “walking boss” showed up.
      My father worked for ONE DOLLAR a day… which is where/when the old cliche’ “another day another dollar” came from.
      However, guess what?.. The country was prosperous when people were afraid to lose their work…. can’t be all that bad.

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