Is China the New Super Power of the World or what? Silencing every other Country, even the USA? #Hong Kong #Xinjiang.

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by Joester817

Why isn’t USA making any comments of concern about the situation in Hong Kong or the LITERAL NAZI STYLE CONCENTRATION CAMPS for Muslims in Xinjiang (look it up, let your heart cry) ? The violent attack sanctioned on the people of Hong Kong by the Chinese Government has been continuing for March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October ( Yeah, maybe if we read each month out loud, we’d realise how long it has been). Banning face masks? Are you kidding me !

USA has expressed concern about the situation in Kashmir (which is good, but with no results) but why hasn’t the President nor a single US lawmaker of the ruling Republican party persistently mentioned violation of Human Rights in Hong Kong? Where is UN? Where is Human Rights? Pakistan keeps crying about Kashmir but why are they silent about the muslims of Xinjiang in concentration camps? Because China is their ally?

Does Democracy in 2019 mean forcing the people to pick up arms to fight for their Human Rights and forcing the police to use arms against their own people by the Ruling to enforce their Annexation agendas? Shouldn’t their concern be more in letting Humans live than clamping down on them, suffocating Humans?

What’s going on with the World? Russia annexing Crimea, India annexing disputed Kashmir, UK desperately trying for Brexit, USA building the wall, China all set to annex Hong Kong. Is this a starter for Globalist or New World Order agendas that we are not recognizing?

Why is the rest of the World just watching? Does borders between countries differentiate on Human species as well? Aren’t the people of Hong Kong, the muslims of Xinjiang Humans too, brothers to you too? Have the term “Human Rights” been used so much with less value or action, that it has now become a term that sounds “Alien” to us Humans? Human Rights – Basic Rights for Humans living on this planet.

You reading this, couldn’t this have happened to you too if fate had you born in Hong Kong?

Are you thinking now that you understand the situation but what can you do about it as a Human? That, you as a single person is helpless to contribute to the situation?

Do you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account and whatever new social media is out there? No matter where you are, whichever country you are in, couldn’t you give a shout out for your fellow Humans in Hong Kong, the chained Muslims in concentration camps of Xinjiang merely fighting for their Human Rights?

Now don’t start moaning and crying about, why did you say that about India? or USA or UK or Russia? Rise above Borders. Think, as Humans.

This is the Call To Action :

Let millions of individual social media accounts overpower the Corrupt Corporate Paid Media. Make a resounding noise and put pressure on the Ruling through individual social media, whichever country you are from. Let voices rise from different countries regarding the same issue. Post your status. Post your story.

I took the time to write this not because I feed on Upvotes for dinner. Cause I feel. I feel for us Humans, like you probably do too. If you are not yet feeling it yet, go read about what’s happening in Hong Kong, Xinjiang from different sources and try to picture the situation for yourself.

Don’t share this Reddit post. If you must and don’t have the time or knowledge to write something new in your own words, then copy the text. Post your status. Post your story.

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