Is CNBC trying to sell being poor to Millenials? “Living On $60K A Year In NYC — Millennial Money”

by hamburglin

I checked out this recent video out hoping that it would shed some light on how someone could be financially stable and growing their wealth outside of the current week-to-week survival lifestyle. Instead, it highlights a 32 year old waitress who makes $50-55k waitressing and $5k dancing who has no retirement savings with no plan to, shares a place with two roommates, has $5k in savings with what seems like no idea that she is losing more and more potential wealth every day of her life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, people can and should live however they damn well please, but I was saddened that CNBC was selling this to millennials as a way of life instead of accumulating wealth to say, buy a house or retire before 65 anywhere else but in the middle of Kansas. And kids? Forget about it.

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I’m frustrated that this is what my genertaion is reduced to – being happy about being ignorant poor. Thinking it’s OK to strive for this woman’s lifestyle while thinking “this can’t be right, right?” in the back of our minds. All the while, the rich stay richer and the ignorant stay ignorant.

This hit me personally because I grew up blue collar and I know most of my old friends and family would be super happy to see this video, but they’d have no idea what they’re missing or why.

CNBC’s video:



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