Is France Behind Cameroon Crisis? – Wake-up Africa Election Corruption Is Here!

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by Thinker

If the mainstream media had been reporting what has been happening in Africa over the years, Obama would have never been able to bomb Libya. As long as the new world order c can keep the majority glued to televisions and sports, corruption in elections and politics can survive. It’s time for elections all over the world and violence has escalated by the new world order that took a big loss in the USA, when Hillary Clinton wasn’t the winner on presidential election day!

The violence in Cameroon is very disturbing. The fact that it is only happening in the English speaking part of Cameroon, a few months to the country’s general election begs the question – who is behind the violence and unrest. Could France have a hand in the ongoing attacks on the english speaking Cameroon. We did see French President Macron warning Biya, but was that sincere?

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Well, leadership in Africa and around the world is showing the world their report cards, on how well they have managed their nations. Time for the people to see where the money is going…in Cameroon, it isn’t going to the people, but more and more has been taken away from them.…verty-line

The caretakers/landlords have gotten greedy, but every African nation as history shows is a reflection of the nations/corporations that take most of their resources. Who takes the most money out of the African nations??? Who should be held responsible for the poverty rates??? African nations/colonies are no different than plantations, so who is the owner that isn’t taking care of his/her property???

“The Plan To Keep Africa Enslaved” by Dee McLachlan

I was born and raised in Africa. Our history books distorted the truth about the “respectable” leaders, like Cecil John Rhodes. They didn’t teach us about the plunder — a plunder that never stopped. On the surface, the gap between rich and poor does not make sense.

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According to the World Bank, the citizens of Luxembourg, Qatar, Norway, Singapore and Switzerland enjoy some of the highest household average salaries in the world. Luxembourg, for example, has an annual household average salary of $91,388 (I presume USD). And take for example, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) — a country ravaged by conflict. With a population of 75 million, it has the lowest household average salary in Africa — a mere $422. (Does this mean an average of $1.15 per day for the family?)

Yet, in 2009, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) had an estimated $24 trillion in untapped mineral deposits — including gold.

How is that possible?

For starters, those who tried to provide equity or fairness are:…-enslaved/


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