Is GERMANY turning into the NEW CHINA? Riot police keeping people in tower block because of covid.

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Alarming story from Germany this am. Tower block surrounded by riot police keeping residents inside because of Covid-19 outbreak in the tower block. Approximately one third of residents battling police to get out!

Germany’s covid Reproduction rate jumped to 2.88 today. They can’t afford to carry on with lockdown. Their economy’s fast going down the pan. I can see this turning into a nightmare.


BERLIN: Several police officers were hurt in clashes with residents of a high-rise apartment block in the German city of Goettingen who had been placed under quarantine over a Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, authorities said on Sunday.

The violence erupted on Saturday as a group of residents sought to break through a metal barrier installed to keep the 700 people living in the residential complex in to prevent possible transmission of the virus.

Some flung stones, bottles and wooden slats at officers, the city’s police chief Uwe Luehrig told journalists on Sunday.




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