IS HELL FREEZING OVER? CNN SHUTS DOWN Democrat Liars Durbin and Blumenthal on Live TV After Fact-Checking Them [Video]

Or are they trying to pander to the right knowing what is in the pipeline due to pop out any day?
The Democrats are counting on the media to continue lying on their behalf. Well, that didn’t happen when Senators Blumenthal and Durbin were interviewed on CNN. Their shocked faces are pretty priceless…

The mantra that Republicans have a majority in the Senate is BUNK! The truth is that there needs to be 60 votes in the Senate for something to pass. This is why it’s so important to get out and vote so we can keep and even increase what little leverage we have. We have to keep President Trump’s mission alive! MAGA! TRUMP2020!
Both sides should want truth in reporting!
Imagine a day when the Modern Democrats are asked real questions too ? Held to account for their positions like the Republicans are. Keep dreaming as long as all the current journalists are still in the business, we need independent minded journalists for that to happen

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