Is it Marshal Law?

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Comrades, after the Meridian cornavirus enforcement police received several calls from compliant citizens, a dangerous group of subversive moms were identified engaging in non-approved playground activity against the interests of the state.  Local authorities activated an emergency response task force & arrested the lead scofflaw mom at the park.

According to video smuggled from the park by an underground network of rebellious female breeders, Mrs. Sarah Brady was instructed by the COVID-19 compliance officers to vacate the playground.  Ms. Brady refused to comply with the order and was subsequently handcuffed and arrested for violations of the state lock-down, ie. misdemeanor trespassing.

IDAHO – Meridian officers made several attempts to help BRADY adhere to the rules. She was non-compliant and forced officers to place her under arrest to resolve the issue. She was arrested for trespassing.

These are very trying times and the Meridian Police Department supports the public’s right to assemble for peaceful protest, however the right does not include damaging public property or ignoring closures of City property and facilities (link)

The brave officers of Idaho law enforcement and coronavirus compliance put their lives on the line to capture this outlaw. However, the fate of the world hangs in the balance, and the Meridian police are thankful for compliant citizens who used the tip-line to notify the task-force of this threatening and subversive activity.

Fortunately, this time the thin-blue-line was able to overcome the resistance and suppress the rebellion; but this example should remind us all  it takes the entire village to stay alert & report these dangerous scofflaws immediately.

All rogue citizens must be contained, especially the breeders, lest they put our compliant society at risk of infection. Playground moms are some of the most dangerous and subversive elements within our society; some even carry the potential for home-schooling.

Breeding citizens are a big concern, they may not just carry biologics they could possibly carry a more alarming virus of wrong-thought, potentially even perspectives on freedom, against the interests of the state.

During these stressful times any wrong-thought, without regard for our collective need, is an indication a breeder citizen may be a subversive. Rogue citizens would be subversive to our new society and must be controlled with extreme mitigation efforts.

The COVID Compliance Ministry appreciates good citizens who comply with the interests of the state. Good citizenship is rewarded with enhanced credits allowing access to a safe COVID Compliant Society. A safer society; where the odds will always be in your favor.




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