Is it Okay to be White???

by Robert Carbery

Over the weekend, the failing New York Times ran an opinion piece, titled, Can My Children Be Friends With White People? These are the times we are living in today. When everything is political and no one can get over the fact that Donald Trump is president, liberals are falling over themselves to make race an even bigger deal than it already is for them. Well, this identity politics strategy worked so well for them in recent years, why not keep it going?
These days, we live around Americans who care not about the content of one’s character, but instead care more about your skin color or who you voted for to see if we can be friends. The racism accusation is thrown out like candy on Halloween day after day until it has no meaning. Trump is a blowhard, bigot, Nazi, racist piece of you know what….so they say. He rubs people the wrong way and many think he has sexually harassed women. But, is he tearing this country apart as my liberal friends think he is?
No, the leftists are. And they of course fail to realize what they are doing.
The progressive focus on race in America is distracting. Sure, culture is important, indeed, paramount. But we do not need to feel guilty for being white in America today. When liberal commentators call Donald Trump’s election a “whitelash” as opposed to a big middle finger to the ineffective and unaccountable political establishment in Washington, you know they are trying to distract from the real issue here and are simply trying to scare you into voting for them.
“History has provided little reason for people of color to trust white people in this way [of genuine friendship], and these recent months have put in the starkest relief the contempt with which the country measures the value of racial minorities,” Ekow N. Yankah, a law professor at Yeshiva University and author of that divisive and irresponsible NYT piece wrote. Yeah, these are the kind of people teaching our young minds in college today! Any wonder why young men and women are so deranged when it comes to politics and become such socialists upon graduation?

This white-shaming is surely increasing racism across the U.S. This divisive rhetoric is destroying our country and pushing mindless leftists to supporting dangerous groups such as Black Lives Matter and marching in big protests against the president they do not see as their own. If you don’t join the resistance and protest Trump at every waking moment, then you are obviously just like one of those many racist Trump voters and probably a Nazi.
The irony is that Yankah’s column puts race at the very top of all priorities, judging another person solely on their skin color, a pretty racist technique on its face. Whites are certainly the worst and cannot be trusted. When views like this professor’s are the norm on college campuses, it’s far from surprising that the “It’s Okay To Be White” messages showing up all over the country have triggered our soft little snowflake generation and the sorry Democrats educating them.  
This saying does not mean one is better if they are white or that it is so great to be white. It simply says it is okay to be white and we do not need to feel guilty for what white people did in our early history as a country. It’s all right to be Caucasian. One does not need to signal their virtue to show how enlightened they are by calling Trump and his supporters racists and xenophobes. One does not need to date a man or woman of color to reveal how open-minded they are.
Instead of learning any kind of constructive lesson, colleges have doubled down on their racist idiocy. Instead of ignoring these messages as the intended triggers that they were, college administrators have labeled them dangerous racism and hate speech, of course.
The scary thing is that this is not a small percentage of people who feel this way. With Yankah’s opinion receiving a big voice in the NYT, this proves that there is a growing percentage of Americans who do not think it is okay to be white. There is something very wrong with our country’s educators teaching our young men and women otherwise. And if we continue down this path, there will be only more Charlottesvilles and political violence.
The left have no intention of bridging the divide. There is nothing left to do but to call Trump’s supporters racist in a desperate attempt to paint them as such an irredeemable group of people that no one will want to back him. Sounds like we’re coming together, right? How is Trump supposed to mend the nation’s wounds when half the country views him as a Nazi and his supporters as Klansmen?
Remember this, diversity is not our greatest strength as deans at enlightened universities will tell you, it is destroying us.
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