Is It Time for California to Secede From the Union?

By Chris Black

No, seriously, this is an important question. It’s like in a failing marriage: if things are beyond repair, after you’ve tried everything and nothing seem to work anymore, every day is exactly the same (nagging and fighting over any minute detail)and all that, it’s better for both spouses to go their separate ways, don’t you think? The marriage example in California’s case is pretty accurate, as the former Golden State is now boasting its open defiance against the law of of the land, in this case federal immigration laws. California’s defiant behavior finally determined that sleepy elf also known as AG Sessions to do something about it, i.e. the DOJ filed a lawsuit, which blocks California’s sanctuary state laws. The purpose of the lawsuit is to establish once and for all that sanctuary jurisdictions are unconstitutional.
The reaction from California’s government was predictable. Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown described Jeff Sessions’ legal actions against his state, which by the way are constitutional and valid by any metrics, as, let me quote: “basically going to war against the state of California.”
Governor Brown and the leftists who populate that former great state are so far gone,  they believe California is a sovereign nation, and somehow the US Constitution need not apply to them; also, asking Commiefornia to obey and follow the law of the land is equated by those crazy progressives to an act of war. The thing about federal laws is that you can’t pick and choose which laws you want to follow, it doesn’t work like that. The US Constitution comes with something called the supremacy clause, which reads that the “feral gummint” has complete authority over states in matters of immigration. The federal government trumps (pun intended) state power in immigration related matters, case closed, there’s no argument to be made against the supremacy clause. Even if most Americans don’t know about the provisions in the Constitution, because the public school system is infested with marxists and crazy progressives who hate the Founding Fathers and everything that’s great about the US,  the truth is that what California’s DEMs are doing is nothing short of sedition, not to mention illegal. To enforce and preach sanctuary jurisdictions means that you see yourself above federal law. Yet, California is still part of the US, hence they can’t pick and choose which federal laws to enforce. The US is not a banana republic, at least not yet, so California must be forced “by any means necessary” to obey federal laws and the directives from the constitutional federal government, whether they like Trump or not.
However, for those of you who know history, what the Democrats are doing now is not new. Back in the day, it was the same Democratic party who pushed secessionism and nullification. Under Jim Crow laws, the Democrats were again in open defiance against federal desegregation laws (by the way, the Ku Klux Klan was created by the Democratic party, check that out). And now, DEM Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown is doing the same thing basically, together with other DEM’s in charge of sanctuary cities, not to mention that the left is obviously putting the welfare of illegal aliens, many of them violent criminals by the way, above those of law abiding American citizens. In case you wonder what triggered Elf Sessions to wake up from his slumber and do something about California, it was a hard leftist at work, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf respectively, who publicly blow the whistle on ICE, i.e. she warned illegals from her sanctuary city about an incoming ICE operation/raid. Due to her blowing the whistle on ICE, hundreds of illegal alien criminals managed to skate, including convicted felons and gang members. What Libby did is aiding and abetting criminals and obstruction of justice, and she should be indicted for her deeds, together with other “liberals” like Moonbeam Brown, who are openly taking the proverbial piss on federal laws. Once a symbol of American exceptionalism, California is now the canary in the coal mine, depicting the dangers of multiculturalism and open borders, a state flooded by illegal aliens, where violent crime and drug use are rampant, not to mention the public system (schools, hospitals etc.) that is inexorably suffocated by the same illegals arriving in droves every year. California is also looking at its middle class fleeing the state, due to crushing taxes which are driving businesses away. Once iconic cities like San Fransicko are now littered with garbage, including heroin needles and mounts of human feces. Government dependence and welfare fraud are rampant in California’s biggest cities, and the landscape is plagued by huge homeless encampments. Basically, California is slowly transforming into a 3rd world shithole, or Mexico if you like, as the state demographics change via uncontrolled immigration. And here comes the question: should Commiefornia leave the Union? The thing is, even if California still is an administrative part of the US in the books, in reality, it’s an independent nation onto itself, from a demographic, cultural and social point of view. Hell, even English is slowly pushed away by Spanish as the state’s common language. More than thirty percent of Californians are in favor of their state seceding from the Union, and if Governor Brown truly thinks that restoring the rule of law in his state makes for an act of war, well, maybe we should cut them loose once and for all. What do you think?