Is It Time? Numerous Measures Of Debt Are Near All-time Highs. Go Figure It All Started In China… The 'Put' Is Expired After The Communist Meeting. Let It Unravel?

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There will be a stock options expiration for October on this Friday.

Spending is fun! Easy credit is a blast! But debt is a downer. And, right now, numerous measures of debt are near all-time highs. 

China’s central bank just warned of a sudden collapse in asset prices

  • China’s central bank has said it should prevent accumulation of risk from excessive optimism
  • Central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said corporate debt is relatively high and that household debt rises too quickly
  • Zhou said the trading range of the yuan exchange rate was not a key issue at moment
  • Zhou is expected to step down early next year


China’s central bank just warned of a sudden collapse in asset prices from CNBC.


Three Reasons the Next Crash May Be Worse Than 1987’s

“Black Monday was the contagious crisis that the system nearly didn’t survive,”

China Isn’t Fixing Its Flaws

Optimism about the economy is based on misconceptions.

Japanese opt to play it safe as negative interest rates kick in

The Straits Times18 hours ago
TOKYO • The Tokyo stock market might be riding two-decade highs, but a growing number of Japanese, wary of negative bank interest rates, are choosing to …

Italians Have Perfected the Art of Waiting It Out

Bloomberg10 hours ago
Italy’s debt of more than €2 trillion ($2.4 trillion) rose to 132 percent of gross … Want to know why Italy didn’t have a mortgage bubble like Spain or the U.S.?


China’s central bank just warned of a sudden collapse in asset prices

CNBC10 hours ago
China will fend off risks from excessive optimism that could lead to a “Minsky Moment”, central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said on Thursday, adding that …

Report: Student loan debt delays homeownership by seven years

Washington Post5 hours ago
The $1.4 trillion of student loan debt carried by Americans is a drag on the economy in numerous ways. A recent study by the National Association of Realtors …

S. Korea’s financial debt-to-GDP ratio reaches nearly 100 pct in 2016

Yonhap News13 hours ago
The country GDP was tallied at US$1.64 trillion last year. The debt-to-GDP ratio has been on a steep rise since the government eased bank loan regulations to …

State pension funds continue to fall behind. Here’s how much you owe

CNBC20 hours ago
States that have fallen behind on their pension obligations have been … ($806) also face relatively low risk of having to make up for unfunded state liabilities.

Chicago taxpayers’ long, costly path to pension solvency

Chicago Tribune2 hours ago
The costs of city government continue to grow — considerably faster than the cost of living — and Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City Council turn their attention …

Colorado premiums up 34% in 2018 after end of CSR payments …

The Denver Channel16 hours ago
DENVER – Health insurance plans on Colorado’s individual market will be, on average, 34 percent higher in 2018 than they were this year, and the Denver area …

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