Is it time to sell Tesla? (my thoughts on Cathie Wood’s prediction)

by TDSinv

Tesla has had explosive growth, and it was great while it lasted, but is it time to sell? The insane new prediction from Cathie Wood is a huge red flag for me.

In my opinion, her prediction is an attempt to keep the hype alive, but the hype is dying. She wants Ark’s investments in Tesla to pay off, so she made this prediction as a way to bring back investors.

READ  What’s more interesting than Cathie Wood buying $COIN - which fairly predictable- was what she used to fund the buys - her largest sale yesterday was a ~$750 stock that she has a $4,000 price target. That’s right Ark sold a lot of $TSLA. Hmmm.

I think that the hype is over, and today’s boost was a last stand after her prediction. What do you guys think, should we sell or hold?

Update: I’ve decided to sell around half of my shares and hold the other half. Luckily I sold at $696 before it dropped to $667. I’m going to reinvest that half into Microsoft, Apple, and Disney. Hopefully the other half of my Tesla shares skyrocket like Cathie Wood predicts.

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