Is It Time To Turn On Trump? Coulter and Other TrumpTrain Riders Grow Restless

by Robert Carbery
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Ann Coulter predicted that Donald J. Trump would become president as far back as June 2015. She was mocked of course, but she held strong to her support of the now 45th President of the United States in the face of constant ridicule and mockery from the New York-based media.
That is, until now it seems.
Despite even publishing a book titled, In Trump We Trust, the conservative commentator appears to have stepped back from her undying support of Mr. Trump. No longer does she view him as a “one-man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment.” She is much more skeptical now of the real estate developer’s political abilities.
Since Trump has become president, he has run into the reality that Washington DC is a slow-moving machine that cannot be dismantled with one hardline negotiation. However, Trump seems to have flip-flopped on some significant issues such as the relevance of NATO, his stance on nonintervention Syria, his opposition to the Export-Import Bank, and culminating in the inexplicable federal spending bill in which Democrats received everything they wanted.
Sitting down for an interview with the Daily Caller, Coulter said she’s “not very happy with what has happened so far,” wondering if Trump is indeed a great negotiator or not. Still waiting to see the results.
Trump is still a great negotiator. But the game has changed. He is entering a new industry. He is without the experience he once had. Without the useful connections he once utilized. Things are done differently in government. But that’s why we voted for him. For a change. Real change. The end of the status quo.
But have we already lost Trump to the swamp that is DC? Is it time to turn on him? Or should we merely press him harder toward his pre-inauguration proposals?
Trump must to do a better job at marshalling support in Washington for his initiatives and stating more clearly why we need to follow his direction. That’s leadership, right?
The most recent $1 trillion-plus, 1,665-page budget Congressional Republicans pushed through recently was a joke. Again, the party that claims to be for liberty and limited government has again told its constituents that “next time” they’ll really take it to the Democrats and finally start to slow the growth of the federal government.
We won’t get fooled again.
If we can’t get real change done in Washington now, then when will we? By the time the next budget negotiations come around, these self-centered politicians will be too focused on the 2018 elections already to care about the fiscal health of the nation.
We had no choice but to elect Trump. Clinton was and is a criminal who could not be trusted with the immense power of the White House yet again. We saw this power abused throughout the 1990s and we did not want that again. Still, Trump has promised much and his supporters are growing restless.
Asked why she thought Trump was failing so far, Coulter mostly blamed a lack of “professional” political experience and the fact that all of the Washington establishment, on the right and left, are working to bring down his administration by whatever means possible – of course with the undying help of the hapless and incurious mainstream media.
To make matters worse, Trump seems to be listening more to the “White House Democrats” like his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared, who stand in stark opposition to everything Trump campaigned on and promised to deliver. At the same time, Trump appears to be squeezing out Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who helped propel the president over the finish line last year and is very much tapped into the core of Trump’s hardcore supporters.
In the media-overblown chaos of the last week following the Comey firing, Trump is now considering a major shakeup of his White House staff, according to Axios. Trump is very frustrated and “angry at everyone,” per the same report. White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Bannon are apparently on the chopping block.
Whether or not a substantial shakeup will help anything depends on who Trump brings in. Right now, Trump is likely focused on replacing Comey with someone the rest of the country can accept.
At this point, Trump is very much alone. And sadly, many of Trump’s most fervent supporters are petrified at what he will do next. Coulter is not completely off the TrumpTrain, she is simply disappointed at how it has started out of the gate since being in charge of the country.
President Trump needs to lead by example, appease his America First voter base, and tamp down the globalist/neoconservative cabal littering the halls of power in Washington DC forever.

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26 thoughts on “Is It Time To Turn On Trump? Coulter and Other TrumpTrain Riders Grow Restless

  1. Trump has not been in office for a year yet. It is too early to judge and we need to give him more time to make the changes his supporters want to see.

    • Ok, Patriot, here’s a list we can talk about January 20th, 2018…if there’s still an America, there’s still a Trump, and there’s still both of us.
      A List of Trump’s failed campaign promises include but are not limited to:?
      I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the
      office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my
      ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United
      ? I will bring back LAW AND ORDER TO THE COUNTRY.²
      ? I will leave the Paris Climate Treaty, never ratified by the Senate of the US?
      ? I will audit the Fed, HA! sorry, but I will replace Janet Yellen.
      ? I will stop Chinese unfair trade practices and list them as currency manipulators.
      ? I will stop unnecessary military interventions.
      ? I will stop the US’ participation in NATO, NATO is obsolete.
      ? I will stop the US’ participation in the UN, the UN is worthless.
      ? I will stop H1-B Visas.
      ? I will stop the export of skilled jobs from America.
      ? I will stop the export of manufacturing jobs from America.
      I will stop corporations using overseas tax havens and get our fair
      share of those trillions of dollars for the American people.
      ? I will
      stop all those wealthy people using tax dodges as exposed by the
      “Panama Papers” showing the top tier of the Western world actually hide
      most of their money from ever being taxed!?
      ? I will go through the
      Department of State and remove all those that are working against the
      American people, and prosecute them if they did illegal acts.
      ? I
      will go through the CIA and remove all those that are working against
      the American people, and prosecute them if they did illegal acts.
      ? I
      will go through the Department of Veterans Affairs and remove all those
      that are working against the American people, and prosecute them if
      they did illegal acts.
      ? I will stop any prosecution of Julian Assange.
      ? I will fight ISIS/stop funding and supplying weapons, against the Patriot Act, Al Qaeda in Syrian, Al Nusra.
      I will stop the emigration of terrorists from the middle east. (still
      coming in and fast, military aged men, getting SSI, never having to work
      in their lives. TY America!)?
      ? I will build a wall.
      ? I will stop illegal immigration.³
      I will stop sanctuary cities and ENFORCE EXISTING LAW. I will arrest
      any politician so harboring or for profit harboring an illegal alien (10
      years per person, William Wilhelm III a.k.a., Diblassio, Cuomo, et. al.
      across the USA).
      ? I will repeal and replace BarrySoetoroCare.
      ? I will defund Planned Parenthood. Funded it AGAIN in new funding bill until September, TYVM!
      ? I will defund NPR and the NEA. Funded it AGAIN in new funding bill until September, TYVM!
      ? I will end the pedophile rings. Over 3,000 arrests now, DAs won’t prosecute their suppliers. Nothing done.?
      I will prosecute Hillary and her foundation, for her personal email
      server and her treason using it as a means to sell US secrets to foreign
      countries and have her foundation launder the money AND her use of her
      foundation to defraud the Haitian people stealing billions of dollars
      from their reconstruction funds.
      ? I will research and then stop election fraud and election rigging.¹

      • Great List !! I saved it. I’m with Coulter. That noise you heard was me leaping off the Trump Train. I really believed Trump would end the Cold War, and the Bush-Obama Sandbox Wars.

        • I was so sad the second I learned Trump shot a missile in the air, it fell to Earth he knew not where.
          Now my mourning is over. The Deplorables MADE Trump, he needed us, we never needed him.
          My best understanding now is: Trump is to the Deplorables what Newt Gingrich was to the TEA Party. Newt worked, he fk’d us good. Newt Co-opted the TEA Party out of existence. WE LEARNED. Trump has failed, and the greatest Reality TV Show Host lasted all of 70 days before everyone saw it definitively.
          The current rogue govt and deep state are crapping their depends. That’s why the two Fridays ago celebration of a non-existent bill that even the fake stream media Trumpeted. We all knew that passing one house, going to the gobbler Mitch McConnell the great destroyer meant, that NOTHING HAPPENED. Their internal polls: Oh crap, population knows, NOTHING HAPPENED…we need to do something big!!!!
          Fire Comey…the Deplorables are about to go hot, BECAUSE of the obvious thumbing of them in the eye, showing there is NO RULE OF LAW anymore in the US. Ok, let’s do it. FK! population knows, NOTHING HAPPENED…because Comey needs to be ARRESTED, ADJUDICATED and PUNISHED…Again a non-event.
          So now…the rogue govt, is asking Google’s AI, “WHAT DO WE DO NOW!!!!”
          The Deplorables are ready whatever the rogue govt or deep state decides to do, no having the brains to not have to use a computer for marching orders.

        • I hoped he would but suspected he wouldn’t. Looking at what he has done so far, he’s the lesser catastrophe (Hitlery would probably have bombed Russia by now – which is why the corrupted media are still trying to paint Trump as a Russian spy when in fact he’s a russophobic war criminal).
          I’m certainly not a Trump fan, but while the only other option seems to be getting swamp creature Pence or worse, I’m in favor of keeping the lesser evil in place. He must be doing something right to keep the corrupted media hating him that much.

  2. Coulter is right. Trump made promises. Build the wall. Seal the borders. Deport the illegals. Make peace with Putin. Put America first – always. End the wars. Rebuild America not Israel. End the Paris climate scam. TRUMP DID NOTHING !!

  3. Anybody who thinks voting will change anything is delusional. The same people run America election after election, president after president, Congress after Congress. Voting is just the bread and circuses of modern times.

    • But why are WE allowing it? The elite have an age old dictum: What has worked before, will work again.
      So…we should not behave better and move to defend our own self interest?
      We all see it. “We” all bend over. I’m not bending over anymore. I’m prepared, my powder is dry. I’m watching and I know I’m no longer alone.

      • That will only get you and your family dead. If this is what you want, then by all means continue. Better to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Don’t wast time trying to change the system. Move to somewhere freer. America was the destination for millions of immigrants fleeing poverty, war, and oppression. Those days are over. Time to flee America. It’s a big world. Pick a place and have a nice life. Unless of course, you want to die in a hail of bullets.
        Your call.

          • Anybody who has made a better life for themselves and their family are trolls to you. Stay where you are and enjoy backsliding into poverty and oppression.

          • IF you are comfortable dying “if you don’t.” I think everyone has the right to chose their method of living.
            From my perspective, training and experience. We are dead either way, and unlike a girl being DP’d by men, not of her own choosing, I’m not dying on my knees, but my feet.
            Don’t worry, the men got this roddy6667, not everyone can do what is necessary so all shall live. That has been the case since men have existed. Just stay the fk out of the way.

  4. Trump is a swamp creature and after what he did in Syria and Afghanistan, people should be skeptical. However, that said, look at how the corrupted fascist media hate him – he must be doing something right (and firing Adolf Comey was certainly a good first step).
    Right now I’m in favor of giving him some more time (while keeping a watchful eye on him) — it looks like right now he’s trying to clean up so he can get the things the rest of the swamp wants to block done.

  5. His very first trip is to see BENNIE-THE-RAT? WHY? another 911 in the planning stages?
    IF TRUMP sent George Soros to the HUNGARIANS for justice and/or traded him for a HUNGARIAN WALL in Mexico, it would be a GREAT START!

  6. Trump was on-board, with Jewish Organized Crime, long before he became their new puppet.
    His first order of business was to bow down to, Rothschild Jewish Organized Crime Headquarter leader, Netanyahu, followed by a kissing of the Kissenger butt, and receiving his marching orders to continue the Jewish agenda.
    Trump surrounded himself with Jews.
    It is as plan as the nose on your face.
    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!

    • yes nothing will ever change unless the jews are eliminated and I don’t see that happening. best think was watching haggary lose and the press

  7. I still support Trump.. From what I have read, he did not expect this job to be so hard, unlike running his business empire. PLUS, the left/elite/NWO has had so many people and an agenda in place for many years. All now trying to “get rid of” him and his plans to make America great. They are attacking him and thwarting him from every direction. He is trying to replace people 2 and 3 layers deep This globalist assault on humanity has been taking place for many decades and he is trying to work within the limitations already set up. So, I still support him.

  8. Just maybe Trump should have conveyed to his supporters.. NOT to “flash the Sign of Satan” to the cameras. Bad enough that Trump keeps giving the Masonic 666 gesture without the in-your-face Sign of Satan.

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