Is It Time To Turn On Trump? Coulter and Other TrumpTrain Riders Grow Restless

by Robert Carbery
File:Donald Trump taking his Oath of Office.png
Ann Coulter predicted that Donald J. Trump would become president as far back as June 2015. She was mocked of course, but she held strong to her support of the now 45th President of the United States in the face of constant ridicule and mockery from the New York-based media.
That is, until now it seems.
Despite even publishing a book titled, In Trump We Trust, the conservative commentator appears to have stepped back from her undying support of Mr. Trump. No longer does she view him as a “one-man wrecking ball against our dysfunctional and corrupt establishment.” She is much more skeptical now of the real estate developer’s political abilities.
Since Trump has become president, he has run into the reality that Washington DC is a slow-moving machine that cannot be dismantled with one hardline negotiation. However, Trump seems to have flip-flopped on some significant issues such as the relevance of NATO, his stance on nonintervention Syria, his opposition to the Export-Import Bank, and culminating in the inexplicable federal spending bill in which Democrats received everything they wanted.
Sitting down for an interview with the Daily Caller, Coulter said she’s “not very happy with what has happened so far,” wondering if Trump is indeed a great negotiator or not. Still waiting to see the results.
Trump is still a great negotiator. But the game has changed. He is entering a new industry. He is without the experience he once had. Without the useful connections he once utilized. Things are done differently in government. But that’s why we voted for him. For a change. Real change. The end of the status quo.
But have we already lost Trump to the swamp that is DC? Is it time to turn on him? Or should we merely press him harder toward his pre-inauguration proposals?
Trump must to do a better job at marshalling support in Washington for his initiatives and stating more clearly why we need to follow his direction. That’s leadership, right?
The most recent $1 trillion-plus, 1,665-page budget Congressional Republicans pushed through recently was a joke. Again, the party that claims to be for liberty and limited government has again told its constituents that “next time” they’ll really take it to the Democrats and finally start to slow the growth of the federal government.
We won’t get fooled again.
If we can’t get real change done in Washington now, then when will we? By the time the next budget negotiations come around, these self-centered politicians will be too focused on the 2018 elections already to care about the fiscal health of the nation.
We had no choice but to elect Trump. Clinton was and is a criminal who could not be trusted with the immense power of the White House yet again. We saw this power abused throughout the 1990s and we did not want that again. Still, Trump has promised much and his supporters are growing restless.
Asked why she thought Trump was failing so far, Coulter mostly blamed a lack of “professional” political experience and the fact that all of the Washington establishment, on the right and left, are working to bring down his administration by whatever means possible – of course with the undying help of the hapless and incurious mainstream media.
To make matters worse, Trump seems to be listening more to the “White House Democrats” like his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared, who stand in stark opposition to everything Trump campaigned on and promised to deliver. At the same time, Trump appears to be squeezing out Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who helped propel the president over the finish line last year and is very much tapped into the core of Trump’s hardcore supporters.
In the media-overblown chaos of the last week following the Comey firing, Trump is now considering a major shakeup of his White House staff, according to Axios. Trump is very frustrated and “angry at everyone,” per the same report. White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Bannon are apparently on the chopping block.
Whether or not a substantial shakeup will help anything depends on who Trump brings in. Right now, Trump is likely focused on replacing Comey with someone the rest of the country can accept.
At this point, Trump is very much alone. And sadly, many of Trump’s most fervent supporters are petrified at what he will do next. Coulter is not completely off the TrumpTrain, she is simply disappointed at how it has started out of the gate since being in charge of the country.
President Trump needs to lead by example, appease his America First voter base, and tamp down the globalist/neoconservative cabal littering the halls of power in Washington DC forever.