Is Jamie Dimon (JPMorgan CEO) engineering a stock market collapse to oust President Trump, and to kill the populist uprising?

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I believe 2 weeks ago it was decided.

The ‘Business Roundtable’ group, chaired by menace to society Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, issued a startling statement.

Of the 192 current members of the Business Roundtable group, CEOs of some of the biggest companies on the planet, 181 signed this statement.

The jist of the statement was basically this: ‘The stock price of our companies really doesn’t matter’


Since when!?

I believe it’s been decided.

The statement telegraphs the plan.

I think that over the next year the stock market will be TANKED on-purpose in order to remove President Trump from office and to kill the populist uprising around the world permanently.

You’ve been warned. Prepare.



• Top CEOs say running a company isn’t only about the stock price –

• The statement where you can view all of the CEO signatures (PDF):

• Business Roundtable group info:



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