Is Julian Assange About To Be Released? RUPTLY

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There’s a bit of activity happening over at the Ecuadorian Embassy. Furniture has been removed this morning. Are they about to hand Mr Assange over to the UK?

Jeremy Hunt has goaded Mr Assange to step outside of the Ecuador Embassy and to hand himself over to the UK Government.

See also  Jim Jordan : "We now know that the story about Hunter Biden was in fact not disinformation, not misinformation, but the truth."

In light of what’s happening with Tommy Robinson and his unfair Trial, I hope Mr Assange takes into account how Corrupt the Political Judiciary is in this country.

See also  China punishes Evergrande Executives who knew about the situation, now time for the US to make the same with FED traders, I mean members.

Good Luck Julian, you’re going to need it with these head honchos.




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