Is Open Season on Terrorists Coming to Europe? – And the Latest Plot to Remove your Guns

by Mark Angelides

The Czech Republic’s Lower House has voted by a large majority (139 of 200) to allow Czech citizens to use their firearms in support of the State; loosely translated as “Folks can help out by shooting at terrorists”. And although this still needs two thirds of the Senate to become law, the President, Milos Zeman, is apparently quite excited to sign the bill.
The draft states: “This constitutional bill is in reaction to the recent increase of security threats, especially the danger of violent acts such as isolated terrorist attacks … active attackers or other violent hybrid threats.” It is a direct response to the ever-growing terrorist threat in Europe; many countries have had attacks, and there is a strong argument that the death tolls would have been lower in many cases if citizens were armed and “legally allowed” to respond.
There are already plenty of guns in the Czech Republic (mostly for hunting), with more than 380,000 licensed firearms owners out of a population of 10.6 million. This is one of the most gun-friendly nations in a European Union that is doing as much as it can to criminalize gun ownership.
Critics of the bill say that the Czech Republic does not need this law, as they have not faced any serious terrorist attack. It is a flawed argument, based on the notion that because something hasn’t happened, it won’t happen. It fails to take into account the massive demographic change that is taking place across Europe with enforced mass-immigration from the Middle East and Africa.
Things are looking grim for gun owners throughout Europe. In response to the Paris Massacre, the European Union felt that it would be a good idea to try and ban/limit guns for the European population (whilst ignoring the fact that the weapons used in the attack were not legally owned weapons). The Eu is demanding that certain types of weapon are banned and that magazines be limited in size (is it just a coincidence that California is trying to pass the same law at the same time or is it part of a larger Globalist connection?) .
Now here’s the kicker. In future, “All gun purchasers will be required to pass the psychological checks”. This is scary. The test will be determined by whom? What will be the parameters? This is a clear move to try and remove guns from people who do not buy into the Globalist perspective. It is wrong, it is evil, and it will come to the US soon.

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3 thoughts on “Is Open Season on Terrorists Coming to Europe? – And the Latest Plot to Remove your Guns”

  1. 2 thoughts….
    1. “Critics of the bill say that the Czech Republic does not need this law, as they have not faced any serious terrorist attack”
    Wait until the CR tries to leave the EU. Witness England
    2. “All gun purchasers will be required to pass the psychological checks”.
    I’m sure questions like “Do you believe and accept the government version of any and all terrorist attacks?”
    “Oh, yes. With ALL my heart. I KNOW they’re doing everything they can to protect us. Just look at the airport checks, and look how many ‘terror plots’ the FBI has uncovered and stopped!”

    • Yeah commies in charge of psychological testing, that will work well.
      When a state takes away guns from good people, they are up to no good. Ask the Venezuelans who “trusted” their government when they said “you don’t need them, we will look after you”… the time, it was voted the happiest place on earth, so why wouldn’t they believe them? The government then turned around and bought in 400,000 AK47s to give to people to protect the government from American imperialism! Everyone cheered! 2017 and the truth is out. Those guns went to the collectivos, an ultra left wing paramilitary group supported by the government, to keep the lefty government in total control. They have free reign to rape, robe and pillage the good people of Venezuela with impunity.
      Whats to say they are not bringing all these muslims into Europe for the same reason? To ban good peoples guns, then secretly arm these criminals. There have already been massive shiploads of guns caught trying to enter the EU under the radar from Turkey.
      Gun control advocates are just control freaks. They have NO INTENTION of going after the guns of the state….the police or military……because they want to use those guns, to get YOUR GUNS. They are the worst kind though, because they won’t even be the ones putting their life on the line to get those guns, they will get someone else to do it.
      The morons out there that support these gun control types are clueless. They live in la la land, a Utopia that does not exist.
      Good people must arm themselves while they can and tip the balance. Governments are wary and cautious about stepping over lines when everyone has guns. They *hope* they pay their police and soldiers well enough that they don’t turn on them. I think there are many sleepers in the police and military that will go along with it for so long until they realize they are on the wrong side.
      We are starting to see what happens around the world when good people do not have guns. The state becomes a dictatorship, and the crazies in the left and all the criminals feel EMBOLDENED and come out in force.
      Buy guns and ammo and let it be known you won’t be messed around with.

  2. All lovers of the constitution and 2nd amendment, law-abiding citizen gun-owners should write their senators and reps in DC … especially the leftist ones … and TELL them that you will NOT be disarmed without bloodshed … hopefully theirs! When I say “law abiding” I am not including any state and city that infringes the 2nd amendment … if your state or city says you can’t own guns then those are not real laws … ignore them! Disobey them, and arm yourselves … by any means necessary! Obama may be gone but he has infested every bureau and agency in the federal government and ALL the blue states with leftist traitors, so don’t get too comfortable with a republican majority in the congress … not all those republicans are true, constitution-loving conservatives!


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