Is President Trump Caving on Gun Control ?

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By Chris Black

President Trump tweeted on Thursday morning that the Congress should basically create a national gun registry, as he proposed something along the lines of “comprehensive background checks”, whatever that means. Here’s the tweet:

The thing is, this tweet can be interpreted in 2 ways. If you’re a leftist, you may argue that President Trump finally caved on gun control, and in the aftermath of the Florida high-school shooting he’s asking Congress to create a national gun registry and universal background check legislation, a measure pushed and lauded by the anti 2nd amendment left for years. It’s interesting that not even dear leader Barry Obama did not dare pass such a law, when the Democrats had total control over the US government, and it would be very weird for the Donald to do such a thing, that would alienate his fan base for ever, making him a one-term president. In case you’re not getting the part with the national gun registry, you should know that universal background checks cannot work sans a national gun registry. And following gun registration requirements, there’s just one small step to make, which inevitably leads to gun confiscation. The example is California, where universal background checks were followed immediately by registration requirements and then by gun confiscation legislation. Check out this tweet from the NRA about the gun-registry issue:

For the government to be capable to enforce universal background checks, it must know exactly who is owning and/or selling a firearm, when and to whom. To make things simple, the Federal Government has to identify all gun owners and all the guns in the US, and then to monitor each and every one of them 24/7, the owners and guns alike. The question is, how would such a measure prevent mass shootings? The answer is it would not, but it would clearly set the stage for gun confiscation laws, just like California did, and also would make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to legally purchase guns.
Remember, the United States of America is the same nation that cannot even place all illegal aliens on a Federal Registry, like the US Census.  And speaking of registering all guns in the US, what if I say: sorry sir,  I’ve lost my guns in a boating accident over the weekend ! Don’t have any to register !! It would be fun to see the Feds trying to register existing guns, considering how incompetent they are.
The only reason for a gun registry is so a government can come take guns away from the citizenry. The main reason for the Second Amendment is to protect the citizenry from a government that becomes tyrannical. The government should just assume that every citizen has guns. Background checks that exclude certain people based on felony convictions or other legitimate reasons, that do not pass the identity of gun purchasers on to government agencies, is completely different than a  national gun registry.
A gun registry and strengthened emphasis on mental health will result in confiscations of a 25% of veterans arms and 12.5% of society at large. If you account for anyone who has ever taken antidepressants, it could be a third of all Americans. A few months ago we were talking about the wall, deporting all illegals, making silencers legal, and national reciprocity. And now gun control?
The second way you can interpret Trump’s tweet is master-trolling, i.e. he just made gun sales soar. Let’s wait and see how this plays out.

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9 thoughts on “Is President Trump Caving on Gun Control ?

  1. Don’t think the Trumpster is caving. Remember he said comprehensive background checks. If the required reportable information was entered into the system it would be comprehensive. Hold those responsible that are maintaining the records, mental health professionals who withhold information, law enforcement personal who withhold information, courts, military, you name it if someone is suppose to report something by law make it stick and make it hurt for the responsible person. This should be no different than someone getting a DUI. They just created a life threatening danger to the general public.
    As far as bump stocks. Generally only bubbas want those as a novelty item to look cool to their buds. One day at the range and they are broke for the next month due to the ammo expended and no hits on the target down range. I could care less about a bump stock and bubbas don’t either but for different reasons. I precision shoot. Bubbas have belt loops which work just as well as the bump stock. We going to outlaw belt loops also?
    As far as the age restriction. The left and even the POTUS just made a good argument that we need to heed. They have all told us that 18 to 20 year olds are not mature enough or have the mental capacity to purchase a firearm because they cannot buy a beer. Great point. So that means they are not smart enough to serve in the military, get married, take out a loan or VOTE! The left has made the case and I agree but it has to be across the board 21. Now watch the Libturds squirm.

  2. Tempest in a Tea Pot? Anyone who desires a firearm and who has the money can purchase said firearm at any time irregardless of age. Or they can just steal the weapon. This entire debate is a major A$$clown show. Bread and Circus. AR-15 ban today pistol ban tomorrow? Those who would attack the Bill of Rights immediately self-identify as enemies of the Republic as well as enemies of each and every citizen. Just my opinion.

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