Is Stock Market Rally Coming To An Abrupt End?

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“S&P 500 Melt Up… SM Rally May Soon Come To An Abrupt End..” h/t jwlondon98

Bond Market’s Debt-Ceiling Alarm Bell Is Ringing Loud and Clear

  • Investors demand higher yield to hold early March T-bills
  • Feb. 6 four-week bill sale may show angst on drop-dead date

In the $2 trillion Treasury-bill market, where the U.S. government turns for short-term funding, investors are showing they’re plenty nervous about the approaching deadline to raise the nation’s debt ceiling.

With Treasury expected to exhaust its borrowing authority as early as the first half of March, a four-week bill sale on Tuesday will serve as the latest gauge of investor anxiety. There’s growing concern that the impasse over the debt limit will become entangled with efforts to keep the government open. Current federal funding expires Feb. 8, and the Republican-led Congress has been working on a stopgap measure to extend that into late March.


Stock Markets Will CRASH If Central Banks Raise Interest Rates! There’s Just ONE Problem.
The market is completely resting on central banks printing money and keeping interest rates low. But there are strong forces pushing rates up (Slowly). There’s no way this will end well. What do you think the first asset to feel the effects of rising interest rates?

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When you see what has happened with interest rates over the past decade, you know how difficult this has been to see a market standing on nothing but air. Interest is not kept low to stimulate grow. It’s kept low, to keep the market alive.
ECB-BS-2018-02-02.jpg (650×427)
Some ECB Officials Are Said to Urge Clearer Interest-Rate Signal – Bloomberg
Effective Federal Funds Rate | FRED | St. Louis Fed
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