Is the Kazakhstan Situation a CIA Op ?

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by Chris Black

The situation in Kazakhstan sure smells like a CIA gay-op but I haven’t seen enough evidence to make a final determination. I know basically nothig about Kazakh politics so please post your redpills on the subject if you have them.

Kazakh president Tokayev is claiming the anti-government forces have foreign support and this seemingly is the position of CSTO (Russia), hence their intervention. And obviously the Western media hand waving this claim away as baseless is hardly trustworthy.

And then we have this blog I have always found pretty good on these kinds of subjects:

The take given (which makes sense to me), is that if this is a CIA gay-op it’s somewhat of an own goal by the Americans as all it does is push the Kazakhs into deeper reliance upon the Russians. The same kind of shit happened in Syria, Ukraine, and more recently Belarus.

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A Peter Leonard tweet quoted in the linked blog post suggests the CIA gayop narrative has legs. A protest over fuel prices turns into an armed insurgency? This surely requires trained and organized forces, not merely spontaneous unrest getting out of hand.

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“Kazakhstan: Very important and intriguing detail with strong shades of Kyrgyzstan 2020. Peaceful people initiate rallies, but shady and violent individuals turn up to sow trouble, and it is never remotely clear who they are or where they came from..”

But there’s more evidence than just this.

“The CIA offshoot National Endowment for Democracy is financing some 20 ‘civil society’ regime change programs in Kazakhstan with about $50,000 per annum each. The involved organizations  currently seem to be mostly quiet but are a sure sign that the U.S. is playing a role behind the scenes. On December 16 details of upcoming demonstrations were announced by the U.S. embassy in Kazakhstan[..]

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It is likely that this pre-planned Central Asia part of the ‘Extending Russia’ program has been implemented prematurely as a response to Russia’s recent ultimatum with regards to Ukraine and NATO. Its sole purpose is to unbalance the Russian leadership in Moscow by diverting its attention towards the south.”

The top comment on the blogpost however pushes a counter-theory:

“More likely a Russian false flag in order to consolidate Central Asia in the wake of the Taliban takeover.

CSTO has been activated and will result in Russian boots on the ground. This will also be a good way to quell anti-ethnic Russian sentiments amongst indigenous Kazakhs”



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