Is the market ready to tumble?

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Federal Reserve is saying inflation is “transitory”, theyll be cutting $120 billion in MBS and bond purchases by $15 billion a month (e.g. tapering the taper) and raise interest rates….none of which is possible or true. It will all be inflationary. The Federal Reserve cant raise rates and it will print more inflation when it decides the economy is going into “recession”. We already have late 70s stagflation.

….and if Chinas housing market does explode they’ll quit buying U.S. bonds. So, theyll definetly be a massive supply of U.S. Treasuries, inflation, and MBS…

With China NOT buying and CREATING massive inflation to prop up its own..housing bubble.

Yeah. Massive inflation on the horizon. Wallstreet is as clueless as ever.

h/t NikM755

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