Is the UN Just Another EU

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by Mark Angelides

Nations are free entities that exist often through the blood and sacrifice of their citizens. The power that the people of nations allow their leaders to hold and exercise has historically been a delicate balance between consent and insurrection. We have examples in place of countries all along the spectrum, from inviolate dictatorship in North Korea, to hamstrung Parliamentary democracies in Sweden, and of course, everything in between.
Countries are free to engage in whatever internal escapades they wish (unless that involves the mass slaughter of one or all segments of its citizenry) and the rest of the world will sit by with perhaps the odd fiscal or diplomatic sanction. But this is not the case any longer. And what’s worse, is that countries are signing up and paying tax dollars to have their independence stripped away from them.
When the Adviser to the Human Rights Council of the UN, Jean Ziegler, announced that the EU should punish Poland and Hungary for not taking the refugee quotas that have been assigned by the EU…he stepped over the line. It is fine for a country to belong to an international group that enables cooperative projects, but now the UN has gone too far. It has exceeded its mandate, and is frankly acting like the EU dictatorship.
Have Poland and Hungary ceded their independence to the EU and UN? Or are they being singled out because they refuse to follow a plan put in place by foreign bureaucrats?  Simply, it is because they refuse to believe and slavishly follow the “Agenda as writ” that both the UN and the EU have at the heart of their organizations.
Ziegler stated in an interview with the German newspaper, Der Tegespieller, that “if the Eu were to suspend the solidarity payments to the Eastern European countries for 14 days the barbed wire fences, the prisons and the terrible camps would be gone”.
Can you see what he’s doing? The imagery invoked is reminiscent (or in fact inspiring) of Nazi death camps. And this is exactly why he used these words.; to invite the population to make comparisons between sovereign nations exercising their freedoms and Nazis.
So according to Ziegler, punitive fiscal damage is the way to get poorer nations to agree to their agenda. Does this sound like the kind of group that free sovereign nations should be involved with? Perhaps it’s time to leave these self-serving, agenda-driven institutions and start making our own way in the world. A country should be able (and willing) to form its own strategies for dealing with other nations and the various crises that occur. We seem to have handed away our sense of personal responsibility to a group that really only has its own interests at heart. It’s time to be free nations once more.

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3 thoughts on “Is the UN Just Another EU

  1. The EU, UN, ICC,NATO, USA,(Washington Empire, not America), are all zionist organizations, used to subjugate humanity for the benefit of the top shelf Zionist. You will never see impartial treatment, or truth comping from any of these anti-human Criminal organizations

    • I agree! And if Soros/Clinton had been allowed to steal the election, we like minded individuals would probably be the first to fill the FEMA camps for “de-programming” or extermination.
      And if I were a banker right now, I would stay away from tall buildings.

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