Is The Worst Hack In US History, And The Worst Mistake Obama Ever Made Connected? I Think So!

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by Pamela Williams
In April of 2015, the most serious hack in US history occurred at the United States’ Office of Personnel Management (OPM) computer systems. It is an understatement to say it reached deep into the bowels of the US Government. Lives were at risk, and it destroyed the world of espionage for the US Intelligence community. The mega-hack of the Office of Personnel Management continued to get worse for Washington. Revelations of a second, even deeper intrusion into OPM servers revealed Pentagon employees, including intelligence personnel, were among the millions of Americans whose personal and security data had been compromised. It was a nightmare, and US Intelligence agents became targets of other governments. Many were brought back to the US, but the repercussions were so great, it will take a decade to correct the damage.
Thus, the US Government is still dealing with the ongoing damage that was done, and to this day, American citizens are really in the dark of what that damage really has done to the backbone of their Country. How bad this is was explained by Joel Brenner, who from 2006 to 2009 served as the Intelligence Community’s top counterintelligence official. He explained it this way: the hack as “crown jewels material, a goldmine” for China, who Washington insiders believe is behind the theft. At this point, you could say China owns the US.
Lets look at how deeply this attack penetrated into the interior of our Country. OPM is the human resources department for the civilian agencies of the federal government, so this attack exposed records for over four million current and former government employees at places like the Department of Defense. The breach, called “the biggest government hack ever,” included security clearance investigations on employees’ families, neighbors, and close associates stored in select government databases. The attack also affected a data center operated by Department of the Interior used by OPM and other agencies as a shared service. As a result, even more agencies may have been directly affected.
These attacks occurred despite the $4.5 billion National Cybersecurity and Protection System program and its centerpiece, Einstein. Falling under the Department of Homeland Security’s watch, Einstein is supposed to guard US gateways into cyberspace. I guess it is safe to say Einstein is not as smart as we thought. This is pretty scarey, huh? I felt that since America is so obsessed with the alleged “Russian hacking” story, we should all be aware of the biggest hacking story ever. It makes the “Russian story” look like a fairytale, while this is a nightmare of gigantic proportions. It, also, makes the Government a sitting duck for blackmail. Now China knows it all, and I don’t think they will forget it.
Lets look further into the “biggest hack ever”….to understand more about how this happened and the technicalities of the attack… Grayson Milbourne, security intelligence director at Webroot explains: Most likely, the information was obtained for intelligence purposes—having security investigation data on key government employees could prove very useful for any foreign intelligence organization.” Further all bets are on the Chinese using the raw data in many ways, and none of them in our national interest. I would say China has a lot on us, considering our debt to them and now all of this data taken from the hack. I am feeling like we are between a rock and a hard place now as never before.
Now, lets look at what occurred to Americans and their precious Internet on October 1 of 2016. It just keeps getting worse, and I am thinking the “biggest hack ever” and the “worst Obama mistake ever”…meaning giving up control of the Internet through ICANN to whom I believe is China. I believe, but I cannot prove that the “worst hack ever” is connected to the “worst Obama mistake ever!”
These are some quotes on the OPM data breach from 
FBI Director James Comey stated: “It is a very big deal from a national security perspective and from a counterintelligence perspective. It’s a treasure trove of information about everybody who has worked for, tried to work for, or works for the United States government.”[32]
Speaking at a forum in Washington, D.C., Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper said: “You have to kind of salute the Chinese for what they did.”[33]
President-elect Donald Trump said: “China, relatively recently, hacked 20 million government names. How come nobody even talks about that?”[34]
The following is more information on the hack being from China:
Reports in the New York Times and Washington Post on Thursday, both citing unnamed sources in the federal government, reported Chinese hackers were behind the breach.
Senator Susan Collins, a Maine Republican, said the hackers were believed to be based in China.
Collins, a member of the Senate intelligence committee, said the breach was “yet another indication of a foreign power probing successfully and focusing on what appears to be data that would identify people with security clearances”.

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According to the Epoch Times, the New York-based newspaper owned and run by Chinese-Americans opposed to the Communist regime in China, “Already, the Chinese regime is moving to fill the void left by the U.S. handover—and its new system for governing the internet goes far beyond the responsibilities held by ICANN.” They state that “Over the last two years, Chinese leaders have drafted an authoritarian set of laws that governs every facet of the internet.”

Theresa Payton, writing for The Hill, argues that altering the U.S.’s relationship with ICANN during an election season is unwise. “When the calendar hits Sept. 30, a mere 6 weeks before our election, the United States cannot be assured that if any web site is hacked, the responsible party will be held accountable,” she writes. “We cannot be sure if a web site is valid. We cannot be sure if one country is being favored over another. These are all the things ICANN is responsible for and has worked perfectly since the Internet was created.” Payton is a former White House Chief Information Officer and currently the CEO of a cyber security company.

Why make the change now? she asks.

The transition “has rankled Republicans who say it could put the internet in the hands of hostile actors,” reported The Hill, once again casting only Republicans, and not citizens, as in opposition to this change.

This is a radical change,” argued Rick Moran for The American Thinker. “I suspect we will see almost immediately that it was a mistake. But once the transfer is made, it will be too late to get it back, leaving us pretty much at the mercy of anti-freedom governments.”

Why did Obama make the “worst mistake ever” a year after the “worst hack ever” on the US Government?  As you read above a writer questioned why Obama would turn over the Internet to ICANN (foreign powers) at the time of our 2016 Election?  He knew the timing was wrong, but was the US Government possibly being blackmailed by China?  What National Security risk did that hack of the OPM pose to the US?  Is it possible the data stolen was to use against the US to give up control of the internet? This is my theory.  Below is a WIKILEAKS email I found that seems to support my theory.

LINK:  Re: US Government Cedes Control Of The Internet

IMHO this is a consequence of China’s rise and the NSA scandal is acting as catalysts for this event. In fact, China, the EU and other major countries such as India and Russia have been debating this for quite a while. David — David Vincenzetti CEO Hacking Team Milan Singapore Washington DC email: mobile: +39 3494403823 phone: +39 0229060603 On Mar 19, 2014, at 1:21 AM, Fabio Busatto wrote:> This is indirectly a consequence of Datagate, but it is also one of the biggest changes in the Internet.

Now let’s examine some of the problems that will affect us as individuals from a national perspective:

  1. National Defense: Ever since GridEx 2014 in Hawaii where we allowed the Russians and the Chinese to participate in drills with the United States military, we have been at much greater risk. The Russians and Chinese now know (courtesy of Obama) our vulnerabilities regarding our electrical power infrastructure, as well as how an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) would affect them.  Chinese hackers can now access our computer systems and no longer have to hack: The Internet has been handed to them.
  2. Shipping: all critical transportation systems for food, medicine, and other important necessities now have their inventories and shipping at the mercy of ICANN.
  3. Finance: it will now be a simple matter to either access or crash bank accounts, IRA’s, pensions, and business venues (such as Wall Street, the FDIC, and the Federal Reserve) can easily be shut down with the flip of a switch.
  4. Censorship: all of the countries mentioned will have a say in what is permitted, and they are not “icons” of freedom of speech in their own nations. They have long desired to see censorship imposed on the U.S.  Such will mean the loss of or the rendering as ineffective the independent and conservative news venues.
  5. Monitoring: monitoring us and all of our activities – and this has military applications for those nations, as intelligence is gathered upon the economic, social, and political actions of another nation.
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In conclusion, I believe that the hack of OPM allegedly by China led to the blackmail of the United States.  The hack was so devastating in the penetration of top secret security data that it is mind-boggling.  It was revealed to the American people, but I do not think that it was truly understood, except by those in the Intelligence communities with security clearances.  I wonder at this point if there were any lives lost.
I believe it is safe to say at this point…my opinion….that foreign powers….such as China own the United States.  We owe them financially, and now they can control us through the Internet.
I think that all the fuss and fury that has been slung around during this Election concerning the purported “Russian hacking story” is clearly minor to the worst hack in US history of the OPM.  Why would the Intelligence community make such a big deal of the “Russian hack story” and not of the biggest hack in US history?  The two are like comparing a page in a book to the entire book itself.  The page alone is not the whole story.  The Intelligence Community should have prepared an investigative report on the OPM hack for the American people rather than the alleged Russian hack of the DNC, Clinton, and Podesta.  It does not take a rocket scientist to see the difference between the two.

Published on Jun 11, 2015

White House update June 11, 2015 – Up to 14 Million government employees records hacked, including Military, Pentagon, Secret Service, FBI and CIA personal records containing security clearances, intelligence data, social security numbers, birthday dates and home addresses. The government is scrambling to identify the extend of information stolen. Nevertheless, this should be considered a major National Security incident. Massive U.S. Government Data Breach news report continues below, before the story was updated to 14 Million current and past federal employees records compromised.

Hackers stole personnel data and Social Security numbers for every federal employee, a government worker union said Thursday, charging that the cyberattack on U.S. employee data is far worse than the Obama administration has acknowledged. Senator Harry Reid said on the Senate floor that the December hack into Office of Personnel Management data was carried out by “the Chinese.” Reid is one of eight lawmakers who is briefed on the most secret intelligence information. U.S. officials have declined to publicly blame China, which has denied involvement.
J. David Cox, president of the American Federal of Government Employees, said in a letter to OPM director Katherine Archuleta that based on OPM’s internal briefings, the hackers stole military records and veterans’ status information, address, birth date, job and pay history, health insurance, life insurance, and pension information; age, gender, race data.
“We believe that Social Security numbers were not encrypted, a cybersecurity failure that is absolutely indefensible and outrageous.”
“Based on the sketchy information OPM has provided, we believe that the Central Personnel Data File was the targeted database, and that the hackers are now in possession of all personnel data for every federal employee, every federal retiree, and up to one million former federal employees.”



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