Is this a dead-cat bounce or the bottom investors have been waiting for? Dow Jones up to 20% in the last 20 days yet economic uncertainty are doubled prior peak

by Davidkingq123

Global stocks are edging lower, and oil prices have plunged to 17-year lows at the start of another week set to be dominated by the coronavirus pandemic. But U.S. stocks rallied on Monday. The investor optimism came despite President Trump extending the U.S. lockdown to April 30 and public health officials warning that the American death toll could be between 100,000 and 200,000 with cases in the millions.

UBS says: Equities remain the most ‘pessimistic’ across asset classes (pricing global growth at 0.3%), followed by commodities (0.7%), rates and credit markets (both 0.9%). At 3% implied growth, cyclical currencies send the most optimistic signal. Nevertheless, equity market bottom may yet to come

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However, economic uncertainty continues to skyrocket & is now more than double prior peak as you can see here

Today’s closing market data (from Reuters)


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Do you think markets will continue to rise? Will VIX Index decrease in the following days?

What asset classes are you and regions are you investing? And What platforms are you using for these investment? What I am using now: ETFs I am using Vanguard (, for alternative funds & portfolios Daedalus ( and for shares & options Robinhood (


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