Is this real life?

A comment on Zero Hedge:

Now, lets summarize what is currently happening
-Somebody’s precious little bioweapon escaped the lab probably 6 months ago
-Practically everything is shut down right now. I haven’t seen my town this quiet since 9/11
-All major sportsball events are cancelled
-Practically all large events are cancelled
-We still have barely any idea what the **** is happening in China. Some cities are showing to be completely offline. Some of my companies claim that their manufacturers are back online but they have zero ability to ship.
-Coin shops and bullion dealers across the world are getting cleaned the **** out
-Vegas is closed. Those Casinos cannot tolerate being closed for 1 ******* second. How many will file for bankruptcy this year?
-Here on the West Coast, we are expecting shelter-in-place orders any day now. Companies are making contingency plans for when they are stuck at home and unable to ship product.
-The ******* bars are closed for christs sake
-We already have bailouts that are already magnitudes larger than QE 1-3
-TRILLIONS a day are now being printed in order to keep the credit market from seizing to a halt
-National Guard being activated across the entire country
-A market crash that is already numerically worse than the great depression
-The mass layoffs have already started. My Dad’s friend had to layoff ALL of his employees for his catering company, due to a sudden 90% drop in business.
-$1,200 is currently on the way to each Ameridumb debt-serf as a token of gratitude for their willingness to be completely robbed of any future…


Once again I need to reiterate the seriousness of the situation that we are currently in. The economic collapse is happening NOW. We are right in the middle of it. YOUR LIFE IS NOW OVER. I repeat, YOUR LIFE IS NOW OVER. By the beginning of april, none of us will be able to recognize the situation we are in. We are in the dustification phase of the economic 9/11. And before we know it, there will be a smoldering radioactive crater where there once used to be an economy. This was all going to happen regardless. But now that we have bioweapon on the loose, all ******* bets are off the table. You do not shut down the entire ******* world economy literally overnight just to pull a false flag stunt. Stop ******* pretending that you are going back to your normal comfortable life in the next few weeks. Everything is going to be different from now on.



*I hope that every last one of the executives running all of the corporations recieving bailouts will lose everything they have ever owned
*I wonder where Overleveraged_and_impatient is right now?
*How in the **** are the politicians not swinging from the lightposts in front of city halls and state capitols right now?
*More Marketwatch Comedy: “Uber Stock Soared Thursday. It’s Still a Bargain, Analyst Says.” You fuckers get the rope too!