Is This Really A Possibility? Chilling To The Bone – Michael Avenatti Says He May Run For President In 2020.

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by Ruby Henley

I don’t know why a Michael Avenatti as ‘President’ would shock me – frankly, this Country would just be finished off.  It is almost gone now, but that obnoxious man would take any hope left and literally TRASH it.

Michael Avenatti made his first big speech as a prospective candidate calling on the Democratic Party to forget Michelle Obama’s advice, “When they go low, we go high.”

Avenatti was a keynote speaker at the Democratic Party Fundraiser in Iowa. The Democrats are so twisted, they chose this man as a keynote speaker.

“We must be a party that fights fire with fire,” Mr. Avenatti said to an adoring audience. “When they go low, I say hit back harder.” The lost souls gave him an ovation, encouraging the delusional Avenatti.


Where did this man come from and what are the secrets he is bound to keep hidden?  Who is backing him?

If you turn on the TV, Michael Avenatti will be there to brag about himself and degrade President Trump.  He fits right in with the Mueller team.

I want to say that I do have respect for Avenatti as he put himself through college, and he was the first person in his family to graduate from college.  This does indicate a drive to be reckoned with; however, it does not speak to moral ground whatsoever.

The fact that he paid for his college education by doing opposition research for political candidates — Democrats and Republicans – gives us a reason to be concerned.  He is more than politically gifted with the knowledge of any candidate he wishes to take on. If you are a Trump supporter, you should be very worried.


I don’t know anything about litigation, but I would say one of the main advances a good litigation attorney uses is not to let your opponent ‘get in a word edgewise.’  Keep running your mouth so loudly and do not let up for a second. This, in my opinion, is an Avenatti trademark. Additionally, deny, deny, and deny.

Avenatti says the Daniels case is funded entirely through crowdsourcing — he has received $525,000, toward a target of $850,000, according to the website ‘CrowdJustice.’

If Avenatti has a weak spot, money is it. In court this month, a government lawyer said Avenatti missed a tax payment connected to the bankruptcy of his law firm, Eagan Avenatti.  Avenatti says his tax situation is beside the point. What? Really?

Avenatti statement – “There’s no question that these personal attacks are designed to undercut our case, and our message, and our efforts,” he said. “There’s no question that a lot of it is politically motivated. It’s absurd frankly, it’s malicious, it has nothing to do with the case.”

What did I say, ‘deny, deny, and deny?’  Avenatti has another thing coming if he thinks some of us will not fall for his denial and personal technique of speaking so loudly and fast, no one can get a word in edgewise.

Does Avenatti think it is no problem for him as an attorney to miss a tax payment, because his law firm filed for bankruptcy?  Wait…what?


The ‘Daily Caller’ revealed some interesting tidbits on Avenatti –

“One of Avenatti’s strategies for winning over the public — and more importantly, the media —  has been “positioning himself as a feminist ally” in his legal battles against Trump, Vanity Fair noted in a May 17 article.

As he has entered the media spotlight, Avenatti has become a resistance hero of sorts. On Wednesday, West Hollywood Mayor John Duran proclaimed May 23 as “Stormy Daniels Day” in a ceremony Avenatti attended.

“Even when skepticism of straight, white alpha males is at an all-time high, women in America — and many men, too — have found themselves completely beguiled by Avenatti,” Vanity Fair raved.

Exactly five months before that Vanity Fair profile on his skincare routine and pricey outfits, Avenatti angrily berated and threatened his estranged wife outside the house they used to share, eventually calling the police on her, according to court documents.

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On Dec. 17, 2017, Storie-Avenatti had offered for Avenatti to spend the day with their son, accompanied by a nanny, she recounted under oath in a Jan 3, 2018, declaration. (She had long been their son’s primary caregiver, as Avenatti was routinely absent and unreliable even before they separated, his mother told the court.)

Avenatti “took umbrage” at the stipulation and showed up outside the house in a fury that same day, she said in the declaration. Avenatti told TheDCNF on Thursday he had “to retrieve some of my belongings.” (The couple separated on Oct. 30, 2017, around which point Avenatti moved into a nearby luxury apartment, court documents show.)

Storie-Avenatti sent their young son upstairs with the nanny and confronted Avenatti outside the front door — at which point he “immediately started yelling at me to let him into the house and started to videotape me with his phone,” she recounted.

Avenatti “also threatened me that he would be staying at the house every night in the coming week,” she said.

During the dispute, Avenatti had brought with him his teenage daughter from his first marriage, who tried to hide as her father publicly berated his latest estranged wife, Storie-Avenatti recounted in her sworn declaration.

“I told [him] to stop making a scene and that he was scaring [his daughter], who was hiding behind a pillar,” she said. Avenatti retorted that he brought the girl as a “witness,” Storie-Avenatti told the court.

He “continued to yell at me and at some point must have called the police, who arrived. I heard [him] tell the police he wanted access to the house,” she said. “The police declined [his] request and later told me that this was going to be a nasty divorce.”


So far – not so good.  Let’s keep going.

“Michael Avenatti’s coffee chain fired a top-performing store manager in July 2016 because she became pregnant, a court found according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

A Washington state court on Oct. 13, 2017, ordered the parent companies for Tully’s Coffee chain to repay the woman $80,000 in lost wages and $40,000 in damages for the “pain and suffering” after her unlawful termination, court documents show. (UPDATE: Avenatti’s Companies Haven’t Paid The Victim A Single Cent)

Both parent companies, Global Baristas, LLC and Global Baristas US, LLC, are either directly or indirectly controlled by Avenatti, according to government records reviewed by TheDCNF.

The woman, Elizabeth Eno, worked for the chain from 2012 until she was fired in July 2016, shortly after she informed her supervisor that she became pregnant, according to court documents.”

Additionally, as a result of Defendants’ actions, Ms. Eno experienced pain and suffering due to being pregnant and having a child while unemployed and unable to take leave under the Family Medical Leave Act,” the court found, awarding the woman $40,000 in damages.

Avenatti acquired Tully’s Coffee chain in 2013 in a business partnership with movie star Patrick Dempsey, who sued Avenatti less than two months later. Dempsey accused Avenatti of misrepresenting the company’s available capital and then secretly using the company’s assets to secure a $2 million loan. Avenatti denied that claim but three days later agreed to a settlement that allowed Dempsey to walk away from the company.

Avenatti’s spokesperson told the Seattle Times on March 8 that he “divested his interest in Tully’s nearly a year ago.” The paper noted that Avenatti publicly described himself as the company’s head as recently as July 2017. Avenatti hasn’t said when he sold his share in the company, or to whom.

Global Baristas US, is controlled by the similarly named Global Baristas LLC — which Avenatti currently controls, according to Washington state records reviewed by TheDCNF.

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Both companies were listed as defendants in the lawsuit.”

Further – Seattle attorney David Nold, who represents several former Tully’s vendors, filed a complaint against Avenatti with the California State Bar on March 26.

“In essence, he bought a company out of bankruptcy and then used it for a ‘pump and dump’ scheme to deprive federal and state taxing authorities of millions of dollars,” Nold wrote in the complaint.

An individual who has worked with Avenatti in the past has described his business dealings as “corrupt” and as someone who “lies” and acts unethically. The individual also alleged that Avenatti has pursued similar business interests with the same intent of “pumping and dumping.”

The California State Bar has opened an investigation into that complaint, according an April 18 letter obtained by Fox News on Wednesday. The state bar only launches an investigation if the attorney reviewing the complaint “sees evidence of a serious violation,” according to its website.”


Well, Avenatti is not so clean, is he?  As you see, he refuses to admit to his past mistakes and only makes excuses.  I would say he is what the American people are sick and tired of – another dishonest Democrat, who refuses to tell the truth.


Is there anything else in Avenatti’s closet of denial?  How is Avenatti connected to Robert Mueller?

Avenatti released to the media a report detailing consulting payments to Michael Cohen…remember that?

Mueller seemed to have investigated all of that information months before.

Avenatti was adamant that the Russians paid for Daniels, remember that?  He said it came from a real estate company that he alleged had ties…yep, you guessed it…to Russia.

The release of that “report” by Avenatti begs the question of where and how did he get this detailed financial information?

This is the type of information that would have been known only by the Treasury Department, his banks,  or by prosecutors. Where did he get it? Did Mueller give it to him?

Avenatti cannot be both an attorney abiding by the law, and an officer of the court in trafficking illegally obtained information.

Someone is protecting Avenatti – I know who I believe it is.
”In March 2018, Avenatti filed a lawsuit on behalf of adult film actress Stormy Daniels seeking to invalidate a 2016 non-disclosure agreement regarding an alleged affair with Donald Trump in 2006. The non-disclosure agreement had been negotiated in the final days of the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign.[54][55] Avenatti has been a frequent guest on talk shows and cable news programs to discuss the case, logging 108 CNN and MSNBC appearances between March 7, 2018 and May 10, 2018.[56][57] He also gained a large following on Twitter; he is known for ending his tweets about the case and other Trump-related matters with the hashtag “#basta”–the Italian word for “enough.”[58]

In May 2018, Avenatti released records showing multiple large payments, some from major corporations, into the bank account Cohen had used to pay Daniels.[59] Cohen’s lawyers subsequently argued that some of the transactions released by Avenatti involved a different Michael Cohen, but they did not dispute the larger deposits.[60] The US Treasury Department opened an investigation into how Avenatti gained information on Cohen’s private bank records.[61] Avenatti had also filed a motion to join the federal investigation of Michael Cohen. The federal judge issued Avenatti “a choice” that if he wanted to join he would have to end what the judge called his “publicity tour” of TV appearances and tweets about the case.[62] Avenatti withdrew the motion, and appeared on MSNBC that same day.[62]”

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti has publicized the business dealings of Trump attorney Michael Cohen, but this has invited heightened scrutiny of Avenatti’s finances; Julian Epstein shares insight on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’


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