Is Trump about to CUT OFF BAILOUT MONEY in Revenge?

by Mark Angelides
The very premise of Obamacare was flawed, and in fact, it was never even designed to work for an extended period of time. But now that Congress has failed to do away with it, the president is going “Full-Tilt” in his plans to make the “No” voters pay.
On Saturday, he Tweeted:

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At first, it may just seem reactionary, but this is a major threat that will hit the Democrats right where it hurts: in the demographics! Because it is not the middle class white folk that are negatively impacted by the highs and lows of Obamacare, it is the key Democrat demographics. 40% of the people who are not insured under OC are Hispanic. Much of this is due to doing “casual work”, but at least 5 million remain off the books because of issues with their immigration status.
It just does not work for the people that the Democrats need to vote for them!
If Donald Trump plays this smart, he will cut any state bailouts using an Executive Order, and then weather the storm of controversy by narrating it as a battle between big, bad Insurance companies that want more money than they actually earn, against the potential $300 billion that could be used to either pay down the debt (some hope) or invest in social care projects.
If the Democrats choose to fight him in the courts or in the House, it will be easily presented as they are looking out for the interests of Big Business at a cost to the poorer in society. And of course, the middle class votes will be locked in for Trump because he will be lightening their tax burden.
As with all modern politics, the winner tends to be the one who can narrate the best story; the facts are there to be used by either side in any way they choose. But it would be almost impossible for the Democrats to defend the idea of bailouts when it would ensure that 40% of Hispanic folk remain without adequate cover.
What is surprising is that it has taken such a long time to get to this point. The move to stop the bailouts is a sharp one. Can you imagine the people who protested the bailout of the Bankers backing the Democrats on this? Perhaps this was the plan all along; and if it wasn’t, it should have been.


2 thoughts on “Is Trump about to CUT OFF BAILOUT MONEY in Revenge?”

  1. I don’t want my tax dollars being used to guarantee to any business that they are entitled to a rich profit. Creates corporate entitlements. The establishment democrats and republicats suck at the chamber of commerce kickback teat. Trump needs to get rid of the parasites that steal middle class workers’ money.

  2. I am not paying a dime into the ACA — it’s an admitted fraud and death panel in complete conflict with the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights.
    Bail outs? False flag wars for Israel? False flag wars for the Jewish mafia bankers with Russia/Nk? Illegal immigrants and immigrants getting Social Security and HUD and welfare *and* jobs while Americans are unemployed? Nope, not paying that either.
    I could be generating millions of new jobs, not a chance. I won’t be an accessory to corruption, high treason, nope, never.
    Can’t wait till they try and force chips and vaccines on us. lol. N E V E R!


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