Is USA going into hyperinflation?

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by jerrylimkk

Official inflation is 7.5%. Unofficial could be double digits inflation. Fed Powell printed 40% of the money supply within a year thinking that USD is reserve currency and inflation can be exported worldwide.

This is similar like the old fed chair miller which is a non economist and made a mess of the inflation. Powell is a lawyer so he should be in court defending Ted in Ted 2 and not printing money in central banks.

The rot seems to start from Bernanke after 2008. They wanted MMT so that they can print whenever the economy is weak to prevent recessions. They have officially delayed a few recessions from 2009 till now. Even the repo crisis which started in 2019 September was being avoided by printing money. Then covid came gave them a chance to print lots of money.

Now it seems to have a super bubble accumulated from a few recessions which are supposed to happen but prevented by money printing.

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Now seems like Powell is being trapped that they cannot print due to inflation. It is not worth for foreign countries to buy treasury because usd does not seems to be able to hold value because the interest earn cannot even offset the inflation.

Is USA going towards hyperinflation? And what is the implications? Riots? Or every one gets paid every half a day like Weimar republic because the food prices will be higher in the evenings.

Should Powell just print more now and implode everything?


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