Is YouTube censoring the Sinclair Broadcasting Group video in the US?

I’ve looked through the trending pages of countries where english is the native language. This video was trending in all countries except the US. Since this video is trending #1 in Canada and UK and #6 in Australia, I have no doubt it would have been top 5 trending in the US as well. I have a feeling that something fishy is going on with YouTube.

The only connection I was able to find in a short time frame was that Google carries some of the networks owned by Sinclair on the YouTube TV platform. For example, theCW, Comet, Telemundo, and im not sure if the NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS include the local news stations or just the regional feeds.

Edit: According to this website, it sounds like they also carry the local affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC.

Edit 2: So it turns out Google has in fact Partnered with Sinclair to carry their stations. That right there is the connection.

h/t TheBlackTalon