ISIS Releases Video On The Las Vegas Attack – NEWSWEEK Backs Up Stance That Paddock Converted To Islam Six Weeks Ago – Warning to Americans.

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by Ruby Henley
The latest to emerge is on the pro-ISIS Al-Battar Media Foundation website, who released a two-minute video in English titled Rightful Revenge, unearthed by the  The video presents excerpts from an eye- witness’s testimony about the attack, from statements by the Las Vegas Sheriff, and from an old recording by British ISIS executioner Mohamed Emawzi, who became known as Jihadi John.
In his speech, he says that attacks on Muslims would result in bloodshed in the aggressors’ home countries.
A written message appearing on the screen declares that the film is ‘a message to America and her allies from the Islamic State,’ that ‘as you kill us in our country, we will kill you in your country’.
It also shows the scene of the atrocity from above awash with blood with the caption ‘we are back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State’.
The video also singles out Donald Trump, insisting the President had ignored their previous ‘serious’ warnings. 
A song, featured regularly in previous Arabic propaganda videos, plays in the background with the lyrics ‘Oh, my brothers, jihad is the way, to bring back the honour, the glorious day. The promise of Allah will always remain, the fight for his sake is the ultimate gain’. 
In order to get to the truth, sometimes one has to pursue websites that one ordinarily does not frequent.  In this case, I am trying to get to the truth about Poddack and ISIS.  This is a good source on the Middle East.  
You cannot play the video directly from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). 
But you should be able to access at this link:

Newsweek has also speaks about the video and gives a good assessment on its validity.
QUOTE:  In the latest edition of ISIS’s weekly Al-Naba online magazine, which was shared by its supporters Thursday on encrypted messaging app Telegram, the militant network provided more information intended to bolster its prior claims that assailant Stephen Paddock converted to Islam prior to killing 58 people and injuring hundreds more, when he opened fire on concertgoers from his 32nd floor room in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas with nearly two dozen weapons.

The new publication now specified that Paddock, who the group dubbed Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki, had allegedly “converted to Islam six months ago” and provided a play-by-play of Sunday’s bloodshed.

I am surprised that NEWSWEEK has taken this stand against those who are saying Paddock was not associated with ISIS.  However, that is a very hopeful sign for the truth.
ISIS has previously claimed responsibility for attacks only to be later denied by authorities, such as an apparent botched robbery in the Philippines. Terrorism and security analysis experts, however, such as Kronos Advisory co-founder Michael S. Smith II and The New York Times correspondent Rukmini Callimachi have pointed out that the group is rarely off and such a blatantly false narrative would be out of character for the social media savvy jihadists.
The below video is shocking but a necessary warning to Americans.  Please watch and heed the warning.  We must be vigilant. God bless you.

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30 thoughts on “ISIS Releases Video On The Las Vegas Attack – NEWSWEEK Backs Up Stance That Paddock Converted To Islam Six Weeks Ago – Warning to Americans.

  1. Paddock was merely an ex IRS, NASA employee who was anti-Trump. Any affiliation with ISIS was set up as a smokescreen disinformation campaign on his part to throw off the FBI. The Filipinos, of which Danley atteneded a Catholic church, were more instrumental. Occam’s Razor This was an anti-Trump “type group hit, pure and simple.
    1. Here is Stephen Paddock at an anti-Trump rally in August with two ladies identifying him as “Hi Steve.”
    Note, he is wearing a handmade NASA shirt. He wanted this video made
    with him in pink at this rally to be released. Who do you think shot the
    video for him? This video was made as a signal to Trump and the FBI
    that (1) I am smarter than all of you because I worked at NASA, (2) pink
    is “I stand with the women” and (3) is basically a signal snub to Trump
    and the FBI saying here I am. It is possible that Paddock was
    laundering money and running guns for either the FBI or a cartel since
    he had $5m in gambling winnings on his 2015 tax return. Those type of
    winnings would normally get a real gambler banned from the casinos.
    However, it is most likely he flipped to simply an anti-Trump “Antifa.”
    It is unlikely he joined ISIS or really considered other venues to
    attack, as this was but smokescreen disinformation for the FBI.
    2. Here is testimony from a concert attendee of a bragging “Hispanic”
    couple involved in the shooting telling what was about to transpire.
    This testimony is the first evidence that this was a group hit. In
    another longer interview clip, she says that the lady said “they are all
    3. Now listen and watch this, audio sound analysis of shots fired,
    multiple shooters: (there are other eyewitness accounts I have not
    provided) It is possible other shooters could have been in the back seat
    of vehicles firing out of windows with flash suppressors gangland style
    and after finishing simply rolled up their windows and drove off.
    4. Las Vegas Police (since the FBI are not saying anything and they let
    LVPD do the dirty work while hiding in obscurity) claim it is unlikely
    he acted alone and are searching for a woman that was with him at the
    casino. Note none of the CCTV footage has been released.…
    5. This is one of the more interesting pieces of the puzzle. A few days
    before the shooting, Paddock purchased a Ruger bolt action .308 and
    this rifle is missing.…/vegas-killer-stephen-pad…/
    Why would he do this and why would it be missing? I am speculating, but
    from connecting the other dots, this weapon is hard to jam, easy to
    operate and train, and has a highly lethal .308 round. If for example,
    there might be a fourth shooter who did not have his own weapon but had
    agreed at the last moment to join the group, the ring leader might buy
    such a weapon for this accomplice. It is the type of weapon you might
    buy for a novice for such an operation. It also explains why it is
    missing. Interestingly, this weapon did not show up on audio forensics
    that I could hear.
    6. Here is either Marilou Danley, a relative, or
    maybe just a co-conspirator at the LAX airport 4 days prior, presaging
    the event that is about to occur on October 1. Listen to what she says.
    “Pow, 4 days, America dies.” This is all personal about Trump.
    Danley husband as proven by his Facebook was a big anti-Trumper
    belonging to many anti-Trump groups. (see other research links) It is
    all about Trump, and this last piece of evidence proves it.
    7. Here is Trump before visiting Las Vegas saying this is a sad day for him PERSONALLY. Verstehen?
    Whatever the Federal government and media are telling you, we can be
    assured is filled with half-truths and outright lies. However, it is
    not too difficult to put the pieces together to see what this is all

  2. Well, since the US and Israel own, train, and run ISIS (not to mention our ‘Khaki Heroes’ committing treason by helping ISIS), who then, ‘converted’ James?
    More smoke and mirrors for a nation with a collective, room-temp IQ.
    “What good is a ‘war on terror’ unless you have terrorist”?
    No, no. 100% False Flag. The info and vids are dog-piling the ‘Official Lie’.
    “I think the Vegas shooting marked a turning point in these mass shootings becoming more and more frequent, and producing more and more casualties, and because previous theatrical events, such as Sandy Hoax have failed them, they have no choice but to up the ante, and if they can’t convince Americans that two dozen babies were killed, they’ll make sure there’s no doubt about it next time”.

    • I believe everything I write, and I do not know if there are other factors like he was a gun runner…could be. However, I believe he had converted to Islam, and I believe he was a Leftist anti-Trumper.

  3. I’m kinda torn between an ISIS patsy and a guberment undercover arms dealer doin an arms deal that went bad. One person recommended this web site. I will not vouch for it other than I looked at it and no harm so far. It may be Russian disInformation, but most likely even if it is it is most likely 50% true.
    Off topic, Especially look at the link about the Titanic and WWI. I never heard the Nitrogen conspiracy before. But is sure fits.

      • Did you check out that site, Some interesting theories and additional smaller claims. Not to say any of it is true. But it does pass the reasonability test. Site may just be a Russian site to sway/nudge opinion.
        Remember, no matter how much the Donkeys say THEY hate Putin and BiBi, either one could destroy Obama and Clinton by releasing their files they have on them!

        Check out this guys blog. Interesting observations about the suicide picture and he explains the witness suicide/murder of his disabled daughter and himself. It goes on to say teh phone charger was military Spook equipment and the suicided one was in charge of developing it.
        Also the LA Times is NOW sayi teh cops new story is that the security guard was shot 6 minutes PRIOR to Paddock’s rampage.

  4. @Occams, @Mike,& @ Apollo…I agree man!
    I’m very concerned, when “independent” media tries to float ISIS or Al Qaeda as anything but CIA proxy armies.
    I’m very concerned. Moreover, Jeff Rense shows pics of 3 muzzle flashes from areas not even on the floor of the patsy.
    …I’m waiting for Nov 4th so the betas and antifa fat chicks start something the veterans and patriots will finish. I’m ready if they are.

  5. Memri is the Israeli propaganda website that published all the fake bin Laden videos. Its purpose is to whip up hatred of anybody Israel considers an enemy.

    • Rita Katz runs the site. Her father was a Mossad agent who killed in Iran. Why would extremist Muslim groups use a Jewish, pro-Israel website that exists to release their propaganda? That would be like Hitler using a B’nai B’rith website.

    • Libertas, are you saying this was a false flag….no, this man was a Leftist, a hater of Trump, and extremeist who converted to ISIS and did what he did for ISIS/ANTIFA, which are basically the same. There will be more attacks to come on soft target, and Americans need to heed the warnings. He could very well have been a gun runner , too.

      • Did you watch the power of nightmares? Because you just described it.
        1. “this man was a Leftist, a hater of Trump”
        Neoconservatives are leftists. Neoconservatives began the “nevertrumper movement” during the campaign. Trump called out Bill Kristol, neoconservative, by name in campaign speeches. His father, Irving Kristol, who is featured in the Power of Nightmares, is the guru of neocons, here, in his own words.
        “I have been a neo-Marxist, a neo-Trotskyist, a neo-socialist, a neoliberal, and finally a neoconservative.” Irving Kristol, Neo-Conservatism: The Autobiography of an Idea
        2. “extremeist who converted to ISIS and did what he did for ISIS/ANTIFA”
        If you watch the power of nightmares, you will see neocons convert from hating al-qaeda, to co-opting al-qaeda. The same al-qaeda that “attacked” the US on 911. Much like ISIS, “attacked” Assad, America’s enemy, and then attacked Americans through one, two, three? shooters who “converted” from Assad haters, to America haters.
        Antifa, if you notice that red and black flag(both are red in European theater circa 1950s) stands for Marxist-Leninism.
        Read the Irving Kristol quote again.
        3. “There will be more attacks to come on soft target, and Americans need to heed the warnings.”
        Just like the last 16 years of warnings? The power of nightmares was made over a decade ago and it’s a warning, did you watch it?
        4. “He could very well have been a gun runner , too.”
        He could also have gotten set up by his handlers, which is why you should never trust neocons, who tell, in their words, “noble lies”, and who also point to MEMRI and SITE whenever they need to give Americans nightmares.
        Perhaps if you watch the original movie, you’ll like it more then the remake, or it’s sequel, which I hear is coming out nov. 4th. I’ll catch the matinee, it’s cheaper. 😉
        To answer you’re original question…
        “are you saying this was a false flag”
        A false flag is not a hoax, people can die. A false flag is when you want someone to think it was someone else. On this occasion, we know “ISIS” did it, it just depends on what your definition of IS…IS.
        It also depends on who you think is directing ISIS.
        It can also depend on who ISIS *thinks* they’re working for.
        False Flags are Legal Propaganda

      • 64 year olds do not convert to ISIS. Religous radicalization is strictly the purview of young persons

        • especially millionaires, makes ZERO sense……if she said he joined the CIA and was most likely a gun runner for their ISIS minions or the FBI in some capacity, that is more believable.

  6. Remember who purchased and owned the towers that were destroyed on 911,is the Vegas building also owned by Jews? This man quite possibly was a Mossad and CIA stooge set up by the deep state.

  7. Keep in mind that MEMRI is a Mossad-run propaganda agency.
    The same guys who created the mistranslation that had Ahmadinejad saying he wants to wipe Israel off the map when he actually said Israel would collapse the way the Soviet Union did.
    “News” coming out of MEMRI can’t be trusted.
    All this means is Mossad wants you to think Muslims ware behind Paddock – not much of a surprise. About as credible as Hitlery Clinton saying Paddock was a Trump supporter.

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