PRIME SUSPECT: CEO of Mandalay Bay, James Murren, is on the DHS Infrastructure Advisory Council!

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Here he is on the member list:
The National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC) shall provide the President through the Secretary of Homeland Security with advice on the security of the critical infrastructure sectors and their information systems:
James Murren: CEO of Mandalay Bay/MGM Resorts International is a sitting member of the Homeland Security National Infrastructure Advisory Council-he’s responsible for getting legislation and regulations passed for security & technology infrastructure in public places. Things such as x-ray backscatter machines. So the CEO of Mandalay Bay is a sitting member of the Homeland Security National Infrastructure Advisory Council? This is not normal people!
Laura Loomer is reporting TODAY that DHS is now “in full force” at the hotel. “Bunch of Homeland vehicles blocking” areas of hotel.

Is DHS there for the cover-up?
He dumped most of his MGM stock ($13.7 million worth) in the months leading up to the shooting!
Also, on September 12, someone was placing much larger than normal bets that the MGM stock would go down! MGM Resorts International (NYSE:MGM) was the target of unusually large options trading activity. Investors purchased 11,909 put options on the company. This is an increase of approximately 164% compared to the typical daily volume of 4,509 put options.
MGM Resorts (Mandalay Bay, Luxor, etc) seem to have their very own secret society called ENLIGHTENED SOCIETY FOR GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION. Here’s their trademark logo, originally registered by MANDALAY RESORT GROUP in 1995:
Here’s a better image of the logo (pic from William Cooper’s video on Luxor, available on YouTube):

MGM Resorts CEO Jim Murren announced on Monday that, despite being a lifelong Republican, he is backing Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.
Mandalay Bay CEO Jim Murren funding extreme and radical groups with shareholder money. In bed with Islamic terrorist. Hillary praises Heather Mur

CEO of Mandalay Bay Jim Murren’s Wife Worked for OBama!

BREAKING REPORT: HILLARY SUPPORTER, CEO Of Las Vegas MGM and Mandalay Bay Resort Asked Employees To Donate To CAIR Only 2 Months Ago, Wife Worked

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EXCLUSIVE: In this internal memo I have obtained, Jim Murren, the CEO of MGM resorts which owns Mandalay Bay Resort and…

Posted by Laura Loomer on Tuesday, October 3, 2017
Main Shareholder and CEO of Mandalay bay: main partner is the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia
MGM CEO Connections
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8 thoughts on “PRIME SUSPECT: CEO of Mandalay Bay, James Murren, is on the DHS Infrastructure Advisory Council!

  1. previous article is down on comments so i posted it here.
    there is a reason Israel is never attacked for real.
    the real reason is not their defense system or our money we give them it is something else.
    when a multi millionaire shoots and murders his fellow citizens there is no excuse no stupid religious clap trap can cover up.
    if we are forced to kill multi millionaires who are shooting us we need better guns,not less. we learned nothing from JFK or 911.

  2. Good work!. One of the best videos I’ve seen regarding the shooting.
    In my opinion, there is no way MGM high management was not in on the Las Vegas event.
    And don’t forget Securitas handled MGM security.
    Securitas was the employer of Fields, the driver who ran over the protester in Charlottesville.
    Almost all the mass-murder events were connected to security.
    Securacom handled the security for 9/11 tower.
    Marvin Bush sat on Securacom Board of Directors
    San Bernardino shooter got his guns from an employee of WalMart security.
    Pulse Nightclub shooter worked for G4S security.

  3. Folks, it’s bigger than the both of us! Stay home and hunker down!!! Keep your loved ones close! They look upon us as we look upon a herd of cattle…collateral damage!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. The Left wing bigshot scum are being exposed at a fast pace now. It started with the exposure of, Hillary, then FBI director, James Comey, Now in this week alone, Harvey Weinstein and James Murren.
    MEGA! Still not tired of winning.

  5. Secret societies yes. These globalists need to be stopped fast. The deep state / globalists that hand money to our politicians have usurped our country. What do we do?

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