ISIS Revealed as an American Secret? | Jim Willie

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5 thoughts on “ISIS Revealed as an American Secret? | Jim Willie

  1. worst kept secret in a long time! EVERYONE KNOWS! well, anyone with more than one firing synapse and the ability to think critically!

    • Agree. Getting sick of these articles that behave as if this is the first time we’ve heard this or that this is somehow breaking news, just over the wires.
      ISIS is Arab Spring’s step 2 for regime change when the “nonviolent” scam didn’t overthrow Assad (and Gaddaffi)

  2. The problem the U.S. and E.U. citizens face is the White Wealthy .1% cause a destructive distribution political and economic power. To maintain and perpetuate this disproportionate distribution, the WW .1% will KILL, MURDER, ASSASSINATE those who would prevent it from achieving its objective.Sadly, typical citizens have ethics & morality that prevent them from doing the same to the .1% an ending their pain.
    However, important Billionaires begin to be found murdered in public for ‘crimes against humanity’, the last threads of the social contract that ensure some semblance of socio-eco- and political order will snap Yet if.such is to occur, then let more than ONE be murdered such as SOROS,GATES & THE kOCH BROTHERS.
    Their demise ill matter little to anyone save their ‘co-conspirators’ in causing global societal pain.

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