Isn’t it weird how the MSM is saying Biden is leading the polls despite him not even running yet? It seems like an obvious anti-Bernie movement that everyone is buying into.

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by keptfloatin707


They’ve already started their campaign against Bernie and seemingly have already chosen their DNC nominee despite the fact Biden hasn’t announced his running yet..

It’s no secret here in this sub that MSM is controlled and owned by the same people at the top Fox is doing their job using the obvious Wag The Dog events in Venezuela to try to stray voters from Bernies ” OUTLANDISH SOCIALIST PROPOSALS!!! ” Despite them being pretty moderate in terms of socialism, What no one says is what it really is, Taxation With Representation.

You know the ” dont tread on me ” flag? Bernies plan is exactly what that flag represented when it was created – before the tea party decided to use it..

Just like in the revolutionary time Americans were tired of being taxed for things and not seeing the benefits, Bernies plan encapsulates this movement and desire to separate private interest groups from our government while offering in return things that would actually benefit society , ie. Tax funded healthcare , better schools ect. instead of funding endless wars.

Bernies plan does involve higher tax rates of course the MSM isn’t lying about that, but would it effect the common payer?

Not at all. Bernies tax proposal will only effect those who make over 1/4 of a MILLION dollars a year thats $250,000while the avg median income in the states is currently

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anyone below $250,000 yearly income will not see any effect in the taxes they pay but will infact see a higher % in expendable income as they will not have to pay for healthcare out of pocket any more ( input your own household numbers there for a glance into the future under bernie.) – unless they chose to have a more expensive private insurance plan.

And if you are infact one of those lucky hard working men/women making over $250k a year Your current tax bracketWill only see a increase of 2% and work its way up from there

This brings me back to my original statement Biden is the MSM’s Dem choice because he is extremely moderate and definitely a player in the elite class. He was / probably still is ( idk hes been so frickin irrelevant ever since I can remember tbh ) pro private prisons and to me that says all that needs to be said about the man.

The MSM is pushing Biden before he even announces canidicy to see if hes worth the push or if they should get back another fake liberal like Beto or someone in the like.

The MSM doesn’t even care because they know the masses are too stupid to figure out what they are doing but we know from 2016 how they chose up on Killary despite Bernies overwhelming momentum , they knew Bernie was the biggest threat to what they hold near and dear to their hearts and thats capital $$$. That’s why you see such a strong push from both ” liberal ” and “conservative” media to get you to not think hes a factor – despite their need to bring him up almost every news hour.

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I know there were a lot of fringe voters from the right that had supported Bernie and its obvious there was support from the left. I think its obvious because of how much hate this man gets from both sides its obvious the propaganda machines are at work like always against our interest.

Just my two cents on the current climate surrounding the Democratic party this election season, you have dozens of people running all to distract from Bernies momentum either that or Trump just got everyone thinking they can be president if he can.

What do you think is going on? Isn’t it a little suspect at the least to say Biden is leading the polls when he hasn’t even announced his campaign yet?


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