Israel begins destroying Palestinian homes in West Bank

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by MR2

Israeli forces have begun the demolition of about 100 Palestinian homes in the occupied West Bank built close to the separation barrier.

The residents of Wadi al-Hummus had fought a seven-year legal battle to overturn the military eviction order.

But Israel’s High Court dismissed the case despite the land being under the administration of the Palestinian Authority.

JERUSALEM — Israeli work crews have begun demolishing dozens of Palestinian homes in an east Jerusalem neighborhood.

Monday’s demolitions cap a years-long legal battle over the buildings, which straddle the city and the occupied West Bank.

Israel says the buildings were built illegally too close to its West Bank separation barrier. Residents say they have nowhere to build and getting permits to build homes legally is impossible.

The demolitions, which began overnight, have already destroyed several of the more than 20 apartments in the buildings.…be89ecbb4f



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