IT ALL BEGAN WITH HILLARY CLINTON! The server was her idea, she ignored warnings about BB use, the classified info is on Weiner's laptop because of Hillary Clinton.

by TFittonJW
Important to remember that the secret email system was HIllary Clinton’s idea — and that’s how classified info from this system ended up on Weiner’s laptop (which Judicial Watch legal juggernaut exposed last week!)
Judicial Watch deposed Ms.Abedin and other top Clinton aides in 2016.
Here’s the vid from when JW started doing talkies last year:

Here’s link to transcript:
And Clinton was warned by security officials but ignored the warnings!
This led to all sort of compromises, including Weiner laptop classified info forced out the Judicial Watch legal juggernaut!
We’ve done the heavy lifting, and President Trump agrees the Justice Department must act!

Three Fox hits in 12 hours:

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Here is link to the 139 new government emails found on the Weiner laptop.
The State Department Cover Letter:
Reference Sheet which includes links to other laptop materials which supposedly have already been made public:
Here’s my one minute reaction:

Longer discussion:

And here’s more background on the Abedin/Hillary Clinton/Weiner laptop docs.
And here’s the disclosures — again by Judicial Watch — of Abedin sending sensitive passwords this way and that!
Here’s the press release:
And the vid discussion:

Other emails contain sensitive information that was sent via Hillary Clinton’s unsecure email servers.
On August 18, 2009, confidential assistant Monica Hanley provided Abedin with laptop and fob (a physical device that provides a login code) logins and passwords to log onto a laptop, as well as a secure State Department website at Included were a PIN number and instructions on how to access her email from the secure State Department website. Abedin forwarded this information to her unsecure account.
(The FBI interviewed Clinton’s confidential assistant Monica Hanley in its probe of Clinton’s email practices, and State’s Diplomatic Security staff reprimanded her after she left classified material behind in a Moscow hotel room. Hanley was the staffer tasked with finding BlackBerry phones for Clinton to use.)
On August 19, 2009, Hanley asked Abedin to call her and provide Abedin’s computer password so that she could download a UN document for Cheryl Mills from Abedin’s computer. Instead of calling Hanley, Abedin apparently provided the computer password in her unsecure reply email, saying, “Its [redacted].”