It Begins, The Economic Transition Is Now Being Pushed

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The retail industry is changing, the change is not because of online sales, they change is because the American person is broke, they don’t have jobs or they are making a lot less. Pending home sales crash, existing home sales crash. When rates move up the entire housing market is going to come crumbling down. GDP has now been revised even lower, the economy is crashing.More banks comes forward to voice their concerns over cryptocurrencies, they are a major threat to their business. Mnuchin is now pushing the TPP, they central bankers want it, the deep state wants it and they are making a major push as the economic transition takes hold.


3 thoughts on “It Begins, The Economic Transition Is Now Being Pushed”

  1. Yes indeed.
    IN ADDITION there is a whole world of NEW HURT descending on the American People.
    o VAST Inflation: They will call it 10% – 20% per year by the terribly rigged CPI, in truth it will be much worse at the Family Budget level
    o LAY OFFS by the many millions of Families
    o Financial and Housing Assets HAIRCUTS in real terms, by at LEAST IMO 50%
    o NEW TAXES Governments at ALL Levels are operating at, often concealed, deficits
    This is the stuff revolutions are made of; throw in a few more engineered “school shootings” and other FALSE FLAGS and we have a MESS designed to bring America to her knees.

    • I agree, Americans are in for some tough times. The American lifestyle of consumerism and living beyond your means is going to take a huge hit and so are our freedoms. What’s left of them that is.

  2. Unfortunately, whatever happens in the US will produce world-wide repercussions. Witness how the real estate crash of 2007/2008 propagated like a virus from the Americas and then across Europe. Markets are now inextricably linked and interdependent. Meanwhile, our glorious leaders work diligently to make a bad situation much, much worse. Naturally, everything will be blamed on Trump.


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