Shocking Police Brutality at Yellow Vests Protests. Under Macron, France is regressing into a third world police state.

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by Sabremesh


The conspiracy here is that western media is simply not reporting the savage repression of the Gilets Jaunes protesters. Mindless, unprovoked, unconscionable police brutality. It’s absolutely horrific.


‘Yellow Vest’ protests could become mainstream, survey warns

Look how CNBC divvies the public into “the mass population” and “the informed public.” Also look how they omit the statistic that 80% of “the mass public” wouldn’t respond that the system was working for them. Hey, that’s the almost the same exact percent as “the informed public.” MAYBE that’s just some bullshit illusion they use to promote their elitist kleptocracy.

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Oh, and the proposed solution? Let the CEOs fix the system. Oh that’s just great, CNBC. Why didn’t we ever think of that? Surely that’s more effective than protesting on the street. (See abandoned/delayed gas tax, raised wages in France.)

Only problem is if people protested like this in the USA, it’d be even bloodier.




IT CONTINUES: Yellow vest protestors block Parisian streets with burning barricades as demonstrators face-off with riot police and violence erupts in France for the 11th week running. “The independent Mr Macron, leader of the Republic On The Move party, won the French presidential election in a landslide in 2017, but he is now dubbed the ‘President of the Rich’ with polls showing his popularity rating struggling to get above the 30 per cent mark.”

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