It doesn’t matter whether you support Trump or not, the blatant hypocrisy of this is getting out of control.

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by wreak_havok

Woke-ness is a runaway train that is going to destroy things that America once could be proud of. The media manipulation on this one is becoming even more obvious to anyone willing to open their eyes.

Mt. Rushmore is a magnificent accomplishment of human ingenuity and immortalizing a legacy in stone. It is a celebration of our past and what we can accomplish. It also celebrates four men (flawed human beings) who brought a great deal of good to the world by their very existence. I personally would love to see the proposed Crazy Horse addition done to give the proper respect to the site. I can understand the point of view that the statue has tarnished the site in Native American history, so I believe this is a beautiful solution to not destroying history (ie the fact that it was built) and paying respect to both the legacy of the monument and the history of our nation.

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We cannot allow politicization to destroy the past. This is exactly what every corrupt society has done throughout time. I used to always marvel at the fact that there are huge chunks of history that we have no artifacts from. No statues of certain immense figures in the historic record. We are seeing LIVE exactly how this has come about time and time again.

EDIT: If you disagree with a figure in history and the existence of their statue then the proper response is not to destroy it. It is to use the statue as a talking point. An opportunity for education so that you may share your opinion on the matter. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Learn, teach, share. Don’t destroy.



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