It must be stated clearly – these are the times when stupidity is the highest virtue.

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by LostHoldenCaulfield

People are constantly talking about inflation. How bad it is. But when you start talking about precious metals there is still so much hate in the general population. What a schizophrenia. Unbelievable. The sheeple have been trained so well that they reject the lifejacket even when they see water overflowing the floor. MSM (watching it is like eating shit, I don’t do that) , I’m impressed, making having low IQ attractive is a great achievement.

See also  A wise man once said "Every century, we experience the most extreme fluctuations in interest rates, ranging from the highest to the lowest."

Irony aside, data are ruthless. People are dumber. We see it in everyday situations, especially when you’re a teacher. Children don’t know the basic facts. Adults show psychopathic traits and if you point it out they interpret it as in insult. Because, you know, having sociopathic traits isn’t sociopathic. Isn’t it obvious? On Thursday, the stock exchange skyrocketed because of… negative GDP growth. It has been happening for many years and this is enough to buy silver.

Having PMs is basic stuff. Basic stuff. If somebody tells you, they don’t want silver, it is like saying they don’t want to be healthy.

You can’t reason with a person who doesn’t want to be healthy. When somebody’s survival instinct is broken, you can’t do anything. You can’t only watch them crash hard into the wall with high speed…


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