It Was Clinton + Russians + FBI Against Trump

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: It Was Clinton + Russians + FBI Against Trump, 2034
Synopsis: This whole coup investigation is actually just getting started. Only now can we begin to flesh out with real evidence what we have hypothesized by the grace of Almighty God before.
Mark Levin is an attorney and talk show host. But even he has to read from notes to keep on the trail of this massive espionage operation against candidate Donald Trump, and now President Trump.
And, probable the world masters at disinformation – the very folks they were working with in the first place, the Russians. Levin will point this out next.
The problem here is that unlike most government scandals, the rats aren’t running for the safety of the sewers. They are standing and fighting – fighting every inch of the way.
Why? Obama is out of power. It seems like the Clintons are going down for sure. Why haven’t their defenders turned and run at this point? ….. Just two things could provoke this reaction: money and/or fear. Someone is putting big money behind this massively complex operation. The DNC is broke. So, from whom does the money come? I don’t know, but we need to find out. We need to follow the money.
But it can’t just be money. If it was, you’d see more Democrats saying, I don’t need any more money, this is too wicked. I’m out. Somebody else can bust their butt getting elected to do this dirty work. I have a family and I’m going back home to them.

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