It Was Only a Matter of Time Before the Woke Mob Bastardized LOTR

by Chris Black

Any great White classic will be similarly bastardized and made into a nightmare to please the baying mobs of fragile self-worshipping brown consumers.

Lord of the Rangz is the most egregious attack on European history in years and nobody on the Dissident Right is even talking about it.

Tolkien’s work is European cannon, a continuation of ancient mythology dating back thousands of years. This is the Germanic equivalent of someone re-writing the Iliad with Achilles as a Black transgender feminist, but DR people are just writing it off as “more culture wars bullshit” or something.

People made pre-emptive memes about this for years.

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Remember orc-posting?

God knows how many people that red-pilled.

But now that it’s actually happened, suddenly it’s radio silence on the DR — unless it’s to complain about the fact that people are talking about it. I am not impressed.

If you end up on the same page as scum like Lofi Republican then you’ve made some serious errors along the way.


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