by Mark Tapscott

It started with Hungary’s Viktor Orban in 2010, picked up with Brexit in 2016 and now is sending Leftists on both sides of the Big Pond into a frenzy as Giorgia Meloni and a national conservative coalition are swept into power by Italian voters.

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“Why is this sudden turn to the right happening? Simple. The EU and its member political elites have utterly failed their citizens. Europe is now suffering from absurd ‘net-zero’ green policies that will lead to people literally freezing to death this winter, while their economies and beloved euro currency crash. In Germany, energy prices have shot up by 1,000 percent, leaving people with awful choices — the same ones the rest of Europe and Russia will have to make,” explains Issues & Insights.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch. Well, the Leftist Loons ruining America deserve it even more but perhaps events in Europe will have a sobering effect here? … Nah!!!


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