Italians Against the Green Pass

by Martin Armstrong


Italians are taking to the streets to protest the country’s “Green Pass” mandate that requires public and private sector workers to present a vaccine passport or risk facing a suspension and a $1,730 (€1,500) fine. Workers also have the ability to prevent a 48-hour negative test, but that is meant to be an inconvenience for workers and is completely unsustainable.

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Thousands of protestors have gathered across the entire country to demand “NO GREEN PASS!” Notably, workers at the port in Trieste, Italy, have gone on strike and have refused to deliver goods into the port city, causing massive disruptions in supply chain operations. Locals brought protesters food and joined in on the protest. There is a common enemy – government.

A few days after the protests in Trieste began, the government turned the peaceful protest into a police sweep. “Scenes from the port of Trieste that make you shiver. The police with fire hydrants against the demonstrators. Things from [a] full authoritarian regime. Meanwhile, the unions are hugging their boss Mario Draghi – accusation – a former Goldman Sachs banker. And they sound the alarm of fascism in the very act with which they do not support workers on the ground,” Italian author Diego Fusaro wrote online (translated to English). Mario Draghi threw his people to the wolves after joining the euro while working for the ECB. The bank’s failure to consolidate debts left Italy in a worse financial situation than when they were on the lira. As prime minister, Draghi extended lockdowns in a country widely dependent on tourism. Once again, Draghi proves that he is against the Italian people and should be removed from office.


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