Italy, a 23 years old girl has still tested positive for covid19 after 60 days and 6 tests.

A 23-year-old model, who lives in Bologna, has still tested positive for Covid-19 after almost two months of isolation and six tests. The medical story of Bianca Dobroiu, a young woman of Romanian origin, is an almost unique case for doctors. Luciano Attard, the infectivologist at the Sant’Orsola hospital where the patient was admitted, tells to the local newspaper “We are studying her carefully”.

Almost 60 days have now passed since Bianca Dobroiu entered the hospital on 28 February. “After four days she was fine, but her swabs are still positive – explains the infectivologist Luciano Attard – As far as we know, no one else in Italy has remained positive for covid19 for so long. Usually the positivity does not exceed four weeks”. The girl, the infectivologist points out, “had not undergone any therapy”.

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